Amazon Games has cancelled Crucible

First Breakaway and now Crucible

Things are not looking good for New World

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Bad news for the developers who were working on the game I feel really bad for them, hopefully this I a starting point for other developers to join Microsoft instead of the other youngbloods.


Great way to start in the gaming industry!

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Supposedly New World is very much a work in progress too, but they made the right call in delaying it.

Amazon has the potential to be an industry titan but it seems their leadership sees charts and trends over the end product (a recent article said just that). For all the faults you may lobby as Spencer, Fils Aime, Bowser, Layton, hell, even Ryan and Mattrick, they seem to range from casual gamers with a good understanding of the market to hardcore gamers with a great one.

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  • Google Stadia - Decent streaming service but no content and possible looming death.

  • Amazon - Respected social streaming platform in Twitch but lack of experience running game studios, also no significant exclusive to Luna yet.

  • Apple - Yet to seriously enter the games industry, but has a history of no interest in Video Games, ‘Missed an opportunity to invest in Bungie in the late 90s and Steve Jobs’ hatred of games". Wants to have a gaming presence on par with Nintendo, but likely would fail to attract developers to their more serious gaming efforts if they think they can bully people just cause they are Apple.

I think traditional gaming fans have nothing to worry about for now.


Oof, my heart goes out to the devs. Must be heartbreaking to work on something and have it go this ignominiously. I’m not personally interested in this, but it still hurts to see :confused:

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Even worse with Apple is that they have had multiple “pro-gaming” initiatives that have always been half-assed and often forgotten in the sea of their other services. There have been more than enough concerns in regards to the treatment of developers under Apple Arcade thus far, and despite the recent report that they’re going to be spending even more money this FY, I’m not convinced that Arcade isn’t doomed to the same status as their other gaming initiatives.


Your statement about the corporate obsessions with immediate ROI is precisely why I think Google, Amazon, and Apple will be time-limited disruptors. They may purchase more studios or a publisher, but without understanding the market like Microsoft, Sony, and Nintendo do, coupled with their short-term ROI obsession, I feel as though at least one of the other trillion dollar titans will drop out of the gaming industry within the next couple of years. I hope this also shows how much stability Xbox provides for developers that may be wanting to be acquired; MS’ gaming revenues are going nowhere but up, and they have the full backing of Satya at this point.


You know…going off on a limb here but if Amazon and Google REALLY want to make something to bring people to their eco-systems they should maybe try a high quality 10-15 hour single player game to get the ball rolling

Apple is apparently pouring in big money into games, there’s no reason Google or Amazon couldn’t as they’re also trillion dollar companies.

Remember BOTW alone was pushing Switch units through 2017. If Google/Amazon made a BOTW caliber game then there is no doubt Stadia’s and Luna’s would sell. Don’t ever estimate the power of that one killer app to get the ball rolling

After all if it wasn’t for one killer app, Xboxera wouldn’t exist right now :wink:

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All praise blinx the time sweeper :wink:


Multiplayer is bigger than SP mostly when done right but it is a tough nut to crack. I agree they need to make an SP game or a hybrid. Halo CR may have shipped with amazing MP, but the campaign was just as good if not arguably better depending on the player.

This is why these companies will keep failing. Shit reminds me of myself when I was 14 thinking game development was super chill and the first thing I would do as a developer is an MMO on a scale never seen before.

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If Amazon wants a seat at the big table, in regards to gaming at least, they’ll need to do better than what they’re currently doing. They yet have to ship a single game that went somewhere.


They literally need to stop doing that and let their developers make whatever they want to make.

They also need to stop expecting getting billion dollar games/franchises when they’ve yet to ship a proper game yet in nearly a decade.

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Still keep on aquiring make it tough on your competitors matter of fact kill any chance they have to become a threat end of story