All Access - UK - Not good!

Couple of my friends are trying to buy the Series X on All access. I just wanted to put a thread up to say how much of a mess this has been. They were logged onto game and smyths the two UK retailers doing the All Access deal from 7.30am this morning.

The links weren’t even up to buy the console. Then the website went down. Came back up briefly, but have been down the rest of the day. Nobody knows when the websites will be back up. Poor, poor effort from Game and Smyths. But the point of this thread is just to show solidarity with those people desperately trying to buy an all access console and losing a day of their lives, if not more in the process. How on earth can a retailer be so unprepared for this?

I can only assume they weren’t prepared for the demand, it certainly sucks for people using XAA. When I was on Currys this morning I didn’t ge tthe queue link until 10 mins before hand but others somehow found it really early, so I assume alot of people lost out if they used the websites.

I don’t think it’s even possible to get an XSX now, certainly not for launch.

Smyths and Game have Series X’s for all access - its a separate allocation and they haven’t sold any (or hardly any) yet. So deffo can get one via XAA when they get the websites up…if…

I also think stock will float in briefly to other retailers over the next few days and weeks. So not all over by any stretch.

Is that an All Access issue or just the console being selling out super fast? That’s how it’s been in US here too. I had trouble finding All Access options for the listings on retailer sites.

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Here you have to buy the All Access in a physical store, that is not the case in the UK?

I think your friends may want to consider calling or going into smyths toys if possible.

It’s not an issue with Microsoft or all access but with the retailers doing it in the U.K., Game and Smyths. Two odd choices as they are brick and mortar stores…both have awful websites and game in particular are terrible.

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They did. In store they can only process all access using the website so when it’s down, in store can’t help too.

Game said they could only do AA upgrades in the end for those who had it for Xbox one X already…but that wasn’t said at the start. Shambles,


That’s really unfortunate :frowning:

No. If you go to the store they have to use their own website to buy it…it’s been a shambles honestly. Microsoft should never use Game or Smyths again,

Yeah sounds like they don’t know what they are doing.

Game won’t be around when the next-next gen comes around.

Game told me when I pre-ordered mine to wait until tomorrow at 6am then my preorder code and reward number will be on the database to create a new Access account and sort the finance. This is maybe where the online issues have risen at Game and Smyths

I wonder why we can’t get pre-approved for the All Access deal. Seems they really need to streamline things once holiday season kicks into gear.

Hi sorry to bump the thread but I am really confused, I got my Series X through All access and the documentation says that to redeem the 24 Months I have to select Settings>Account>Included with this XBOX but I cant find any “Included with this XBOX” option

here is my dashboard.

do you have that option there? I bought mine through 4gadgets / exertis. They say that the option should appear in 48 hours but it sounds a bit dodgy to me.

My best advice would be to contact Xbox Chat support online. They’re pretty good imo. I have no affinity with 4gadgets but maybe you bought a used product where the owner used that code already ? No clue. Hope you get it sorted out.

I take it there is nothing mentioned in Subscriptions?

No, in subscriptions it is just the history of my normal subscriptions to xbox: live in the 360 era and then jumped to gamepass PC and now my current gamepass ultimate for the Series S I had till yesterday.

I will wait for those 48 hours but feel it is kinda weird. Exertis is supposed to be a serious retailer for big companies and all that. But they just have a standard email for support.

Are you using an imported Xbox? Remember people having problems with this before and it was because the boxes location was set to a different country than it was brought from.

If so set location to the country where it came from, redeem then change back.

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Hi I my problem has been fixed, I think it is a good idea to post it in case someone stumble upon this thread with similar problems. I just had to reset the console and then setting up the console the old fashioned way, not with the app but with the menus. that way I was directly prompted to redeem the 2 years. Now I have gamepass until 25/06/2023 :yum: