Alan Wake: Remastered - Who else is excited for this?

Alan Wake is being remastered for the Xbox One and Series consoles, PS4, PS5, PC and most likely the Nintendo Switch (leaked from Brazil rating listing). The game will feature 4K visuals, improved textures, both DLC expansions and a new commentator track from Sam Lake. The game released both oh physical and digital October 5th for just $29.99.

I was surprised and disappointed to see that there was no thread here on XboxEra regarding this game. Alan Wake is one of my all-time favorite games. One of the best gaming stories I have yet to experience. For those interested, here is a trailer of the remaster:

Graphics comparison trailer:

You can also find a ton of details regarding what you can expect from the remaster on the official Alan Wake website here:

The comparison shots between the new version and the original version show a pretty big upgrade in texture quality and denser world details and objects. Character models also look a lot nicer.

For those who have yet to experience what I deem to be a masterpiece in storytelling, I always loved the pacific northwest setting of Bright Falls and the creepy atmosphere. Even after 11 years this game oozes atmosphere.

It’s clear that Remedy wants to make a sequel and I imagine it hinges on how well this remaster performs in sales.

Who else is excited to revisit the world of Alan Wake? Are you a returning fan or someone experiencing the story for the first time?


I bought the game for the 360 and have yet to play it. :grimacing:

I believe it also went on to Games with Gold so I have a digital copy (and I think it’s also on Game Pass).

I really wanted to play it after enjoying Control so much, but was drawn into other stuff.

All that said, I’m more inclined to play the original than this remaster to save money.


Guess I’ll finally try the game out and see for myself what’s all the raving about.

Very very very very much so

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I agree, I’ve checked in on Alan on every generation of Xbox HW since it existed. Day 1 360 (over RDR which I never played until many years later) then BC runs on OG Xbox 1, 1x and series x.

Having said that it’s a game I play for the story, so unlikely to dive in on the remaster just for updated visuals and TBH I lost quite a lot of enthusiasm for supporting Remedy around their reveal of Control where a good few members of the team were throwing a lot of shade in Xbox direction. Sure big up your PS support but no need to dump on the people buying your games up 'til then.

Alan Wake is one of my favorite 360 games! The story, environments, and overall atmosphere (the way the trees blew from the gusts of wind was always so creepy) was just top notch. Not to mention the use of lighting in the game was super slick at the time.

I’m super excited for this and really hoping this leads into an Alan Wake 2!


I played it on Xbox 360 and enjoyed it but I wasn’t blown away like many others so I’ll play it again down the line when it hits gamepass or something.

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I will buy it, but probably not at launch. There’s just too much beta and games coming soonish.

I’m not gonna buy it , but maybe later. Too much to play as it is, there’s no rush. Have fond memories of the game and the DLC, and I wonder if it has stood the test of time.

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I’ll probably hold off on it until a sequel is announced and I need a refresher on the story.

Alan Wake is one of my favorite games from the 360 generation, and my personal favorite from Remedy, so to say that I’m excited would be a massive understatement. As someone who also beat American Nightmare and all the DLCs for the original title, I couldn’t be more excited that the Epic deal may finally get us the sequel we’ve been waiting for (I’m still frustrated at the leadership of Xbox at the time that wouldn’t greenlight a sequel).

It’s not a lake, it’s an ocean…


I don’t usually replay games I’ve beaten already, but I’ll definitely beat this one again.

Very hyped! LOVED the game and am excited to see it finally get the attention it deserves!

I’m reasonably interested, but I think that my interest will shoot up dramatically if that Switch version ends up being real

Very excited for this! Looks like a decent remaster and I can’t wait to replay the game and the expansions, the only downside is that the Nightmare difficulty is not available from the start.

Can’t wait for AW2, the potential for an amazing sequel is clearly there.

Super hyped for this release! I’m a huge, huge Remedy fan and Alan Wake is one of my favorite games by them. I’ve only played through the DLCs once, so this will be a nice excuse to dive in again. Hoping the game supports auto-HDR on the Series consoles. The feature works really well on the 360 version through BC.

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They released a graphics comparison trailer showcasing the changes in visuals. I added it to the OP but you can also view it here:


Not just a ‘simple’ port job but they have gone back in and redid some of the art and of course the cutscenes and the results are noticeable.

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Good that they fixed the stiff lipsync (wasn’t even really synced to any language on the 360). That always stood out for me in an otherwise pretty good package.

I think the remaster is missing some kind of cinematic post processing effect. The blurry 360 game has something to it the sharp 4k remaster lacks, especially in the misty woods. Hard to describe.

Edit: They have comparison pics on their website I like most remastered pictures better, but here the mood in the original is a bit different:

Looks like maybe the bloom is missing or minimized? I can see what you mean. Will be curious to see how both versions compare at launch.