Airship Survival RPG 'Echoes of Elysium' Announced

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Developer Loric Games today announced a new survival title that takes place deep in the skies: ‘Echoes of Elysium” is an airship survival role-playing game that will have plenty of airships, floating islands, and of course grandiose combat. Head on over here to Steam to Wishlist the game and visit Echoes’ official website to learn more about the state of the game and latest news. Gameplay will come over the following weeks and no release date has been set at this time.

Per the full press release:

What is Echoes of Elysium?

Survive in the ancient clockwork world of Elysium in this airship survival RPG set in the heavens of mythical ancient Greece. Band together and embark on an enchanting odyssey through Elysium’s shattered landscape. Choose your hero and grow in power while you design and build a fleet of majestic clockwork airships, soar to forgotten lands, and uncover the secrets buried deep in the heart of Elysium. Embrace the skies, defy the odds, and let the winds of adventure propel you towards triumph in this unforgettable open-world survival RPG.

  • Airships – Conquer the Skies!

Design, Build, Upgrade and Live on your airships. Harvest, gather, fight and survive in the skies of Elysium.

  • Survive – In a Clockwork World.

Gather, craft, build and survive amidst mechanical wonders and serene skies, but danger lurks behind every cloud. Use your ships, crafted contraptions, armor, weapons and your own wits to survive.

  • Heroic Progression – A Hero in the Making!

Level up, gain new abilities, craft new weapons and armor and then augment them to grow even more powerful. Guided by the Goddess Lethe, can you save Elysium from its doom?

  • Coop – Better with Friends.

Work alone if you choose, but adventure is always better with friends. Fleets of airships, crafting, boss encounters, everything you experience in the game has been designed to be better with friends.

Have a gander at the teaser and screenshots slash concept art to learn even more about Echoes of Elysium.

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