AI-enhanced Search and Discord Soundboard Audio Available for Xbox Insiders

Originally published at: Xbox Insiders: Discord Soundboard Audio and AI-powered Search - XboxEra

An update has gone out today to Xbox Insiders who are enrolled in the Skip Ahead, Alpha, Beta, and Delta channels—adding two new features (one of them randomly distributed) and a slate of fixes. All channels are now able to hear Discord soundboard audio from voice channels they’re linked in, though they won’t be able to spam their own favourite noises from the console at this time (this was previously Alpha only). And a select number of Xbox Insiders will receive a brand new AI-powered search bar, allowing them to be able to search for games by inputting a phrase rather than keyword hunting.

In particular, here are the notable changes for all the Insider channels:

Discord Voice – Soundboard Audio

Xbox players who have joined Discord Voice will now be able to hear soundboard audio from others in the channel or call. A mute button for soundboard audio can be found in the Discord Voice options in the Guide. At this time, you cannot trigger soundboard audio from the console.

Microsoft Store – Improved Search

Today, a new search experience enhanced by AI is available to a random selection of players. This experience provides improved results and greater flexibility, allowing you to search for any feature or criteria you can imagine, including concepts like “cozy games” or “arcade racers.” To get started, launch the Microsoft Store, and try searching for something new!

We want your feedback on this new experience! If you notice anything unexpected or see results that are not quite what you were looking for, please let us know by filing feedback with Report a Problem.

  • Note: In the new experience, you’ll see a “New” tip just below the search bar.

Settings – Access Restrictions

We have added two new access restrictions options for installing and uninstalling games and apps. To find them, navigate to Settings > System > Access restrictions.

As always, these changes will likely propogate to the Stable channel over the next month or so. But if you’re interested in testing these features out, stepping on a few bugs in the process, you can always join the Xbox Insider programme by downloading the “Xbox Insider Hub” application from the console’s store. You’ll get access to cool features like the recently released Analog Calibration tool.