Age of Wonders 4

After watching lots of youtube videos of Age of Wonders 4, I was excited to play this game. Unfortunately, the game crashes constantly when I tried it and can’t find any info regarding a console patch. I’ve read a couple of reviews of the box version and the only complaint was slow fps when the big battles get crazy.

Have any other people tried the game and have had no crashing issues? I refunded my purchase for now, with the hope it gets patched in the future. I want a new strategy game to replace my civ addiction. If anybody has any recommendations I’d appreciate it thanks.

It crashed once after 100+ turns in my first game. After setting it to Performance mode, no crashes at all anymore in over 10 hours.

Playing on Series X.

Wow really. I couldn’t even start my first combat in the tutorial story section, tried 6 times and every time it crashed and it even crashed while I was just reading the encyclopedia several times. I may try buying it again and set it to performance mode and hope for the best. This was the very first time I’ve requested a refund from xbox store, if it still doesn’t work this time is their an issue with getting a refund on the same game twice?

Shame you encountered so many crashes! For me it happened when I killed an enemy hero, as soon as I clicked the right trigger to proceed after the message ‘Hero something was slain’ or whatever it says, the game crashed to the XBox menu without any error message. If I reloaded the save it happened again at the exact same moment, after killing the hero.

Ended up starting over and I set the game to performance mode to see if that would help and no crashes since. I completed the tutorial map and story map 1 since then.

Thanks a lot for your reply, it gives me more faith in purchasing the game again.