Age of Empires III Definitive Edition is launching October 15th - reveal trailer

Coming October 15th for Xbox Game Pass for PC and Steam.


Trying to boost the topic here, this looks great !

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Haha, I have a small suspicion we’ve got a console audience here. :wink:

That’s not Age of Mythology …

Anyways I hope the quality is similar to AOE2 DE. Should be good.

In the hopes that it will also come to Xbox one day :grinning:

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I played way too much AOE3 back in the day, so I’m actually really excited for this. I’ve thoroughly enjoyed both remakes for AOE1&2 and this looks great as well.

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There would be more interest in Age of Empires on this forum, if they brought the games to console. Hopefully World’s Edge is working on console versions, because I really want these games.

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I don’t like playing with mouse and keyboard in a couch setup. And I wonder how many people have an Xbox at their desk.

It’s frustrating because we’ve had RTS games on consoles for 20+ years. I played a lot of C&C on the Saturn and Playstation, and the C&C games kept releasing all the way through the 360/PS3 generation. So the idea that they can’t have these games on consoles with controller support doesn’t make sense.

I guess for a game like AOE they’d have to rewrite the code to make this happen and they don’t think it’s worth it? :man_shrugging:

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I hear you on that, but I think Microsoft should invest into making the game work with controller. Also they’ll need to design the menus and presentation to work well with living rooms.

Problem is, you’ll also need to redesign the difficulties. As you’ll need to change all the campaigns to make it easier, as controller players will have quite a handicap.

I don’t think it’s impossible, but I also don’t know if the audience is there for RTS games on console. The genre itself has kinda died, so back in the Xbox/PS2 and early Xbox360/PS3 days you’d have a very popular genre coming over to console, now it’s a very niche genre. Even MS making a triple A RTS game is quite a risk they’re taking.

I really want this and the other definitive editions to come to console. I’ve played II some on my laptop, but I would play it so much more if i could just have it run uncompromised on Series X. There’s no reason with M&K support for these games to remain strictly on PC.

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man can’t wait, looked fantastic

haven’t played AoE3 in very long time

Going to be interesting to see how MS handle both this and FS. They don’t really translate that well to playing with a gamepad, as opposed to mouse and keyboard. But the Series X needs something to fill the gap until 2022, so I would assume there are already preliminary plans in place

I would absolutely love this to come out on console eventually. It probably won’t though.

AOE3 is not on the same tier as 1 or 2, but it’s still a fantastic and often underrated RTS. Looking forward to completing the trilogy.

Never played the game, but if a game is unable to live quite up to 2 that is fine because that is basically in God tier of RTS games.

AOE3 is fantastic in its own ways. The train routes were a great addition, the destruction tech was dope, the atmosphere was top-notch, and there were a lot of cool units and changes to the formula. I played it plenty myself, and my dad was addicted, think he spent a few years playing a big match against AI practically every night after work. We even played against each other in LAN sometimes. Good times.

I remember it being released at the time, but back then I was not really into PC gaming, so it passed me by. I will be sure to check it out when it comes out though.