Advance Wars 1+2: Reboot Camp announced for Nintendo Switch (coming December 3)


one of the best news from Nintendos Direct

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Same, I love Advance Wars and am quite excited for this, although skeptical of the price.

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Fuck, it’s 60 dollars :confused:

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This and Metroid are tempting, but I don’t want to spend $60 each on them, but I will probably cave in

I was like “Oh, I might snag this”. Then I saw it is full price and I was like “Oh…nevermind”

It looks worse than the 20 year old original, wth?! Nintendo aims lower everyday

I loved the comic look of the games is there an alternative game on Xbox? Or do I have 2 get an news dsi?

Wargroove is inspired by Advance Wars but also not as good as it :frowning:

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