Activision's greed has bitten them in the arse

Just been perusing hotukdeals ( A UK centric deal site ) and came across this:

3 Copies of Call of Duty: Black Ops Cold War for £70 (£23.33 each) via Microsoft Store

Basically, you buy the standard version, then buy the £5 upgrade which the xbox store allows you to gift to two friends in addition to yourself

Some people have even gotten refunds on the standard edition and ended up just paying £5. ( Don’t think i’d be brave enough to do that one given the amount of digital content i have )


Oh, I’m tempted to do the refund trick!

If anyone wants to try while minimizing risks, I can buy the Standard Edition and gift a code to another person. This person do the same and gift me a code.

We both request refunds on the Standard Edition. After that we redeem the next-gen codes.

Is MS or Activision eat the costs on that?

Activision. All because they didn’t want to do it for free with smart delivery.

I have a nice amount of schadenfreude at this

Sounds very unsmart

Wonder if this might be one of the reasons they are reporting record digital sales.

Okay I did this now. Bought the normal Version and 2 upgrades as Gift. Refunded the standard after.

I don’t even want the Game. But if Activision makes less money, I’m in Will sell the Codes for cheap to someone else.

I’m broke ATM but kinda interested. PM me.