Activision opens new studio Elsewhere Entertainment



So Activision Poland became this new studio. Interesting.

It is interesting to see this being framed as “new”. This studio was announced a couple years ago. The only thing that appears to be new is the name.

Announcing Infinity Ward Poland

They aren’t the same studio. They are about 300km apart.

The person I know who works at an Activision studio insinuated they were the same thing. I just took him at his word.

I think there is probably some link, like there were openings for Infinity Ward Poland a couple of years ago for an open world RPG and now this studio popped up. Maybe they started at Infinity Ward Poland and spun off into a separate studio?

IF Poland has been around since 2017 and typically does engine development work.

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The clarification I got back, for what it’s worth, was basically “they aren’t the same, but they aren’t unrelated”


I think Poland has been around a lot longer than that. :smile:


Ah, so it looks like IW Poland umis still around but the new game they were working on and the devs on that project were spun off as this new studio and their project, possibly. At least that’s my theory.