Activision Blizzard fired 36 employees and disciplined 40 more ever since July

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Empty Actions. Bobby Kotick is still there.


Yep nothing will ever change

They didn’t fire the person responsible for setting the horrible culture there. While I hope that this makes some people’s lives better, this isn’t what’s needed to change the culture. The leadership is rotten and needs to be removed.

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The question I’d like answered is why does Bobby still have a job?

I also want to know what happened to the fired people and want to know if they’ll show up at other companies to continue to do the same thing or not?

I believe in forgiveness, plus if you learned from your mistake and grow you should be given another chance, but at the same time your coworkers should know about that person’s past, too.


He is directly responsible for setting the scene for how to act. Reprehensible scumbag.

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Because of how much money he brings in

Activision would have fired people anyway, to meet the company’s yearly staff targets. So this is an empty action.

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more corporate performative action (oxymoronic I know).

absolutely definitely didn’t see that coming for sure.

They’re even being shady about something that you’d typically classify as a good thing.


Bobby’s time is limited. I could see his exit happen at close of acquisition anywhere from July 1, 2022 through June 2023.

Maybe not.

That’s nothing to Microsoft.

Right. We know it’s the logical thing to do, but somehow it feels like it won’t happen.

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It would be funny if Xbox gets rid of Kotick and make Mike Ybarra head of Activision.

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