Active development on Minecraft Legends has ended

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Today Mojang Studios have revealed their newest – and last – Lost Legends addition to Minecraft Legends. The active development on the game will end with the release of this last content update.

Minecraft Legends released last year. It’s a hybrid between a third-person action game and a real-time strategy game. It has seen a couple of content updates, but has never been able to become as popular as the ARPG-style game Minecraft Dungeons. Today active development on the title has stopped.

Thank you to our community of heroes for being a vital part of uniting the Overworld in our fight against the piglins. 💙

We want to keep you in the loop about the latest on Minecraft Legends development. Get the full scoop from the Minecraft Legends team:…

— Minecraft Legends (@legends_game) January 10, 2024

The last content update is a Lost Legends addition named Snow versus Snouts. It adds a new combat style to the game with a long range weapon style. The weapon is far superior over its base-game counterparts, but there’s a catch. In this Lost Legend players won’t be able to build other structures or control mobs.

As development on the game ends they’re leaving players with one last skin. The Bright-Eyed Hero can be claimed now in the Minecraft Legends marketplace.

The Legends team ended their blogpost with this last shoutout: ”Thank you for following along this heroic journey and helping us make Minecraft Legends the game it is today. With the support of our team, our partners, and the Minecraft community, we’re going to continue exploring the types of games we’re passionate about and bringing new experiences to the Minecraft universe. Together, we united the Overworld, made some adorably scary friends, and most importantly, showed those piglins that they messed with the wrong dimension, again and again. Keep your banners raised because the Overworld will always need a hero! ”

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I know most people weren’t super positive about this game, but I did enjoy it for the most part. It was fun… ish. :smile:


Honestly… it’s the first Minecraft game I just couldn’t get into. Given the tepid response, I’m not surprised. I know this might sound shocking coming from me, but Mojang needs a bit of reigning in at this point - between the Xbox snubbing for years and now this, I think there needs to be some conversations had.

I loved Dungeons, especially after the first few updates, but unlike the fanatics (association left blank because it applies to all) I can admit when a game from a beloved dev isn’t up to snuff. There wasn’t anything inherently broken with the game but it most certainly did nothing unique enough to bring RTS folks in, and clearly Minecraft fans couldn’t have cared less.


That’s totally understandable. I wouldn’t even say it was a very good game, but I did end up playing though the campaign and I didn’t hate myself for it. I think my expectations going in were pretty low to begin with, so that probably helped. :smile:

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I started the campaign, and thought it was a neat idea but just didn’t work for me. I’m with Knottian that this is the first I couldn’t get into. My sis said her kids were asking for it for Christmas and I was like, really?

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It’s great when you can just read a post, nod along with the text and agree completely. Very often that is a Knottian post for some reason. :wink:



I think the majority of their ideas and game mechanics were either unfinished or just half-baked to begin with. It honestly felt like they had plans to iterate on it and make it better over time, but I’m not sure even that would have worked.

I agree about maybe needing to reign them in a bit. I’m glad they’re being given the freedom to try new things though.

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Ne and my friends coops the campaign on legendary and was quite a fun experience.

But i can see why it didn’t click, it was a good b tier game that would forgotten or only mentioned in passing in a few years

It is too hard a sell.