Action RPG 'Tales of Arise' Dated for Game Pass


A lot of you were asking for this

Great game. Definitely worth playing on Game Pass.


If you are new to JRPGs play this game. Would play one difficulty stage lower than normal because some of these fights are bullet sponges.


Come on pc achievement stack

Would be the first triple stack in a long time.

Good to know. I’m definitely looking forward to it.

Wait, will this be Play Anywhere?

Probably not. Game has a version for One and Series. You can import your save form One to the Series version, but not vice versa. That’s why I guessed it would be a triple achievement stack.

Is there a case when a game 2-3 years after release change to play anywhere ?

Resident Evil 2 and 3.

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TIL. Would be interesting which version would get play anywhere.

For the record, this game isn’t on Xbox PC app. It will be soon. It could be a indicator for Play Anywhere, but again, we’ll wait and see.

I assume we are getting the Xbox Series version?

Probably both. If not a lot more people would have access to the one version.

Great JRPG. Story and characters carried the game for me personally. I do recommend it since it’s coming to Game Pass.

I wonder if the PC version will be added as a separate title or have cross save with the Xbox Series version.

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If it’s just 1 version my guess is the base Xbox one to allow more users to play it