According to this insider Fallout: New Vegas 2 is in the works

Christ, this would be quite something.

This comes via leaker and industry insider Tyler McVicker, formerly of the Valve News Network. McVicker has been a proven source on all things Valve for a long time now, even leaking the existence of a Half-Life prequel years before Half-Life: Alyx was announced.

In a video announcing his new channel and plans for the future as he steps away from the Valve News Network, McVicker teased some of the projects he’s been hearing about, that he’ll discuss in more detail in future videos. At the 3:56 mark, he talks a little but about the rumoured Nintendo Switch Pro, The Legend Of Zelda’s 35th anniversary plans, a bunch of other Bethesda and Microsoft games… and Fallout: New Vegas 2 .


Doubt. Nothing but talks if anything.

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Ah damn.

You know more, or just guessing? :slight_smile:

It doesn’t make much sense. Obsidian has their hands full. Their A team is on Avowed. Sawyer has his own project and doesn’t want to work on AAA right now. Cain and Boyarski have Outer Worlds.

Bethesda has their hands full. They can’t even start Elder Scrolls full production until Starfield is complete.

InXile has their hands full. Fargo isn’t going to turn his dream project into a sequel to someone else’s game. That said, I believe they have the internal talent to pull it off. Just don’t know if they’re going all hands on deck for their next game. If they have two separate teams, the Wasteland 3 team is capable of handling the license.

The only team I can see pivoting to Fallout Vegas would be Cain and Boyarski at Obsidian. Would they want to put Outer Worlds on ice for that? Personally I believe Outer Worlds has the opportunity to become Fallout Vegas in space if they put a little more money into the sequel. There’s a lot of the spirit of Fallout Vegas’s game design in Outer Worlds. Just didn’t have the budget or resources to achieve that scope.

I don’t think you can have just anyone work on Fallout Vegas. There’s a certain type of writing and game design it needs to have to be worthy of being a sequel. It’s not a template most devs can execute. I’d argue it’s a template Bethesda, as talented as they are, haven’t been able to execute. If they start a new team for it or outsource to another studio, the only one that makes sense is Larian. Larian has their hands full right now too.


Daniel Ahmad did say that months ago The Outer Worlds 2 was in pre-production, wouldn’t surprise me to learn that Obsidian has reworked the project to be a new Fallout game. Fallout is their baby.


That’s true. And it can’t be Sawyer’s project, can it?

Still,there’s potential for the future. Once Obsidian is done with Avowed and BGS is hard at work on TES VI by then, they could let Obsidian make it and keep a watchful eye (in my opinion Fallout 3 had things that were better than NV, and vice versa).

It seems this guy has heard things about it. It could be anything I guess. But hopefully we won’t have to wait for a proper Fallout until after TES VI.

Sawyer isn’t doing it. It’s not what he’s passionate about right now. His current game is small and in a way, is an escape from the game industry he’s been part of for many years. I’m honestly excited to see what he comes up with.

That said, as I was talking it out, I think I changed my mind of who could fit. Most of Microsoft’s studios have more than one team. Based on the leads that InXile recently hired for Fargo’s dream project, I believe they’re a separate team from the Wasteland 3 team. Wasteland 3 is an excellent game and in a way is the closest thing we had to Fallout Vegas from a game design and writing standpoint despite being isometric. Wasteland is a spiritual successor to the OG Fallout created by the OG Fallout team. Fallout Vegas, on the other hand, was the 3D Fallout that best recaptured the spirit of the OG isometric Fallout games. The DNA is there. I believe the Wasteland 3 team has the writing and game design chops to handle a New Vegas sequel. Could be that team’s first shot at going 3D.

Microsoft has a lot of faith in Fargo and it would be a pretty cool story if he concluded his career leading both his dream game and another Fallout game. Would come full circle for the grandpappy of western RPGs.

Edit: So I’ve officially changed my mind. InXile…two teams. Wasteland 3 team on Fallout Vegas. Make it happen!


Fully agree, I would love to see what inXile would do with the Fallout franchise. Wasteland 3 was really great ! The only thing I would say is that Fallout is a spiritual successor to Wasteland.

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I would love the Wasteland 3 team to fashion a second New Vegas. After watching HBomberguys latest video on New Vegas I am desperate to start a second run though 8 years or so later.

Definitely possible, but probably very in pre-prod at this point. Could be cool!

He calls it Fallout New Vegas 2 The Frontier.

I think he is talking about this, it just came out.

Given that Black Isle splintered off to form Obsidian and InXile after the former’s closure, I would be absolutely happy to see some of the members that worked on the original Fallout games get a stab at a modern iteration (especially Fargo). If it’s a New Vegas 2… well you had me at New Vegas.


Fallout is Brian Fargo’s baby, it’s just someone else got the rights to it. It’s unrealistic to expect all these guys to drop everything they are doing to go work on a new Fallout just because they can now. So that rules out the dream team Fallout in the short term. But whose to say 5 years from now when all these projects they are working are finished they won’t be able to work on it then.

So while it probably won’t happen for Fallout 5, I will keep hope alive that in a few years when these guys have finished their current projects we’ll get a dream team Fallout. One last time getting the band back together for a proper send off for them to the series.

After playing Wasteland 3, I hope InXile continues to work on that IP. Loved the world and the writing, just needed some more polish.

Some fans are incapable of waiting. Xbox has no shortage of rpg’s coming anyway + Im not sure Bethesda wants to have somebody else work on the IP in the same way these new studios want to do something they can call their own.

Don’t know how trustworthy Matty is as an insider but he makes great RPG YouTube videos.

So that could mean New Vegas 2 isn’t true at all, or is true but is coming later or sooner. Same goes for Starfield, could be much sooner. Which I sure hope!

Matty has been on the money about some things in the past, with Fallout 4 I believe.