A weird line that appeared out of the blue on my TV while gaming

This is very strange and I have no idea why it’s happening.

I noticed it today for the very first time, it was in Call of the Sea. I thought, maybe it’s the game but I then tried AC Valhalla and it’s the same story.

It’s a line that appears at the top of my screen. With Call of the Sea it’s during gameplay and with ACV it’s during cutscenes, conversations and in the inventory screen. The odd thing is, in the inventory screen it appears at “inventory” it’s gone at “world” and it appears at “quests” again. What is causing this?


I don’t have it with YouTube or Netflix.

Does it happen with any other console?

I have to go grab my One X here and give that a try tomorrow. My XSX has been the only console that’s been in use since early November, haha.

It’s really odd that it appeared out of the blue.