A Week With the Beast! What have your best experiences been with the series so far?

I am sharing a video I created here so if this is not allowed please remove!

Since the series X technically launched with thousands of titles available to play I’m curious what everyone’s favorite experiences have been thus far. With so many different titles across several generations and so many different performance optimizations etc, I think it would be cool to discuss everyone’s experiences one week in.

Personally I was really impressed by Ninja Gaiden 2 + Auto HDR… it was already 4k60 from its original Xbox enhancement but the auto HDR and load times are just phenomenal.

Sea of Thieves feels like a brand new game to me with how it feels running at 60fps, the SSD also fixes the massive load times that plagued the game before, I kind of saw this coming having played it on PC but any pirates who are console only must be blown away!

Finally, I was firmly on board the “60 fps is enough train”, being a predominantly console player, but man Gears 5 and MCC at 120fps is just a dream to play. It honestly feels like time is slowing down around me like im freaking Neo, its so smooth. I was VERY wrong about that.

I do have an Xbox-centric gaming youtube channel and I did create a video with some more of my favorite next-gen experiences if anyone would care to watch, I know this looks an awful lot like self-promo so if you feel that way please ignore (or mods feel free to remove) this part I just thought it was relevant :slight_smile:

Anyways, what about you all? what are some of your favorite experiences after spending one week with the console?