A major third party PC game is launching on Game Pass in 20 days: Crusader Kings 3

Recently there have been hints that Microsoft might be partnering with third party publishers to launch games on Xbox Game Pass day and date. But, on PC Game Pass Microsoft already has secured such a deal. Multiple games from Paradox have shown up on Xbox Game Pass for PC (Imperator Rome showed up less than two months after launch).

One of Paradox Studios’ biggest games is launching on the service September 1st. Crusader Kings 3.

Any grand strategy fans in here looking forward to this title?


That’s awesome. It’s good for PC games and seems that MS is all in on PC GamePass.


next on the chopping block once i finish Wasteland3


Amazing reviews.

Metacritic - 91

OpenCritic - 91

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I’ll be playing it for the next 14 days and review it for XboxEra. Seems like another solid addition to the subscription.


I really don’t have the patience for games like these, but seems like a stellar get for the service.

Will definitely check it out. Tried playing the free to play Crusader Kings on Steam and didn’t put a lot of time into it because I was pre-occupied.

This game looks interesting.

Hoping experience with previous titles in the series is not required to enjoy it. Might be going in blind here.