'90s Polish Lakeside Horror 'Holstin' Comes to Xbox Consoles, Steam Demo Available

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Developer Sonka has revealed, alongside their first gameplay reveal trailer, that their darker ‘Twin Peaks’-inspired horror game ‘Holstin’ will be coming to Xbox consoles. The game takes place in 1990s Poland, in a small lakeside town where you’ve come looking for answers only to find the town taken by an ominous presence and a people that are slowly losing their sanity. Switch from a top-down perspective of exploration to over-the-shoulder shooting to get to the truth. Alongside the game’s gorgeous lighting system intertwined with a beautiful pixel animation-style, the game will also feature full Polish and English voice acting.

Have a gander at the trailer, screenshots, and the game’s store description for more information on Holstin. The developers have also released a demo on Steam which you can check out over here. No release date is currently scheduled for this title.

Late November 1992. A small, isolated town in eastern Poland is struck by a foul calamity that slowly begins to consume everyone and everything it touches. This is the last known whereabouts of your friend Bartek before he stopped answering your calls. Now, you need to follow in his footsteps to uncover what brought him to this town in the first place and why he possibly couldn’t ever get out.

Holstin Store Description


Saw this yesterday in my timeline and thought this game looked really cool. It has an art style that kinda reminds me of Signalis and the way the screen changes from isometric to over-the-shoulder when aiming with a gun is really neat.

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Oh shit I literally saw this a couple of days ago on TikTok and thought it looked cool but probably one of those indies that look cool but never actually come out, I loved Signalis, will keep an eye on this, hope it turns out good.

Now im reminded of Routine :weary: Was supposed to release this year but most likely not happening lol.

Right I’m looking forward to that too, I think it’s releasing, no way it gets back from the dead, announced for platforms and gets a game pass deal just to be back to the dead again lol

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