4X RTS 'Dune: Spice Wars' Hits Xbox Series Consoles November 28 into Xbox Game Pass

Originally published at: 4X RTS 'Dune: Spice Wars' Hits Xbox Series Consoles November 28 into Xbox Game Pass - XboxEra

Developer Shiro Games and publisher Funcom have announced that their 4X real-time strategy title, ‘Dune: Spice Wars’, will launch on Xbox Series consoles on the 28th of November and right into Xbox Game Pass day one. Originally available on PC first (and currently on Xbox Game Pass), this release marks the addition of consoles to the game’s launch lineup.

Per the game’s press release:

During its one year of Early Access, Dune: Spice Wars expanded massively through six major updates, adding multiple new playable factions, a slew of new features, balancing, quality of life, and a myriad of requests from the passionate community.

Dune: Spice Wars combines the moment-to-moment excitement of real-time strategy with the long-term planning of 4X games, bringing together the best of two worlds. On Arrakis, the theater of war extends beyond the battlefield. Players can also dominate the flow of spice by mastering Landsraad politics, the economy, and spycraft.

Select one of six iconic factions from the Dune universe, such as the Atreides, Harkonnen, or Fremen, leveraging their unique strengths. Play solo or with friends, be they allies or rivals, and discover who the unforgiving deserts of Arrakis claim first.

Have a gander at the gallery below for more information on Dune: Spice Wars, including pictures of the Xbox user interface.


I am so glad that we are getting Strategy games in Gamepass. I recently played Rail Empire II and its been a joy. I have always believed that RTS are best with M&K but slow-paced games work very well with controller.