4K/60fps in Fallout 4 and Skyrim with these two mods

So while we wait for the official patch for Fallout 4 that brings it to 60fps and hopefully some additional enhancements you CAN already play the game at full 60fps in 4K via a mod in the mods section of the game.

The same goes for Skyrim, and who knows when/if they ever patch that to 60fps. I tried both and only for Skyrim I noticed some stutters but Fallout 4 is locked from what I can tell.

So basically, start Fallout 4, head into mods. Search for unlock FPS and choose the second one. The one that says 720p 60fps. Install it. Quit the game, start it up again and load a save file. It will be 4K/60fps. If not, back to main menu, turn the mod off and load the save. Still 60fps and resolution is back to normal.

For Skyrim you need to download the mod Uncap FPS.


PSA: you lose achievements if you mod a game in this way.

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I have installed both (I used a different one from the 720p 60 mod).

60 FPS 4K Fallout and Skyrim, literally next gen spec! Todd Howard can’t sell us a new version now!


Well once the Xbox purchase is complete, they won’t need to :wink: