4 Games Announced for Game Pass' 1st Wave in May


Huh, shouldn’t that headline say May? I mean it’s the last day of April…

This is by far the weakest GP batch with 2 returning games. But Kona 2 should be good.

correct, I’m tired


Oh, there is a Kona 2? The first one was surprisingly good.

It released in October of last year apparently.

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The Rewinder and Humanity too.

Edit: my bad, I thought Humanity was releasing april 30th, but it’s may 30th.

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Little Kitty makes it an awesome drop alone.

I’ve seen a lot of sarcasm about that one. Or is that truly something good? :slight_smile:

You have? Watch the trailer and witness its greatness for yourself.


Seen it just now. Yeah, that’s game of the year contender right there.

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As an owner of 2 cats, it hit all the right notes, so genuinely looking forward to it.


Yep. GOTY right there.

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