360 games 60fps?

I manually update games due to bandwidth limitations and had 14 360 games update about 500 mb each. Gears 2, gears 3, gears judgement,dead space 2, dead space 3, dragon age origins, dragon age 2, all 3 fable games, fallout 3 and new Vegas, assassin’s Creed 1, oblivion, and ff13-2.

Just speculation but did these get upgraded to 60 fps? When I go to compatibility options fps boost is greyed out… Thoughts?

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Maybe they’re getting ready for Monday? Gears Ultimate got an update as well…


Just noticed this! In my case it was Gears 2, Gears 3 and Gears Judgement. Thought it was a bit weird.

This is interesting. I know FPS Boost doesn’t require a game update, but maybe it’s different for 360. Man it would be absolutely cool af if that’s the case

Afaik, BC games get updated randomly here and there, usually because of them tinkering with BC stuff on their end, don’t think it means anything particular in regards to those games

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Isn’t the 20th anniversary son? My thought is it’s related

Just saw this posted on YouTube, saying 60 fps so it seems likely they are all 60 fps

You can render a video to be 60 FPS even if the source footage isn’t. That gameplay sure doesn’t look 60 FPS to my eyes.

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…that username​:joy::joy: I’m dead

FPS Boost certainly would need an update for the emulator package.

Don’t Xbox One games also have an emulator package? They didn’t require an update for FPS Boost.

No updates for Lords of Shadow 1&2… :frowning:

Dead Space 2 at 4K (and why not 60fps too) would be nuts, I would immediately start another playthrough. Also the Max Payne trilogy would be fuckin’ awesome to have at 4K! Hopefully we’ll get a big BC batch this Monday.

I recently played that game, still great. But yeah, the 720p and lack of image cleaning tech really shows, there’s so much aliasing and jaggies. The game would tremendously benefit from an enhancement patch, it would still look real good with it.

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Xbox One games are not emulated on Series X.

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They still require a ‘package’ of some sorts, each one of them.

Yeah, but they still run natively, the x86 architecture is the same on a fundamental level.

Anyway I’m very excited about the possibility of a restart of BC, I hope it’s not only related to anniversary and that’s it, I think there are still countless games worth of being recovered from digital limbo.

These are just config settings for the Series operating system to enable Auto HDR etc.

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