30 Studio Challenge

I went in a very different direction to hit my 30 studios. I mostly went with studios that interest me or ones I feel have more potential than we have seen. I do feel Xbox needs more family friendly developers, but I went with a thought on where Xbox could go and it is more serious adult action adventure games. This doesn’t cover the obvious holes in Xbox’s output like strategy, platformer, and fighting, but I would be excited to hear these aquisitions.

24 Ready at Dawn- 3rd person genre The Order 1886 showed tons of potential. More funding and support they could make something special. Save them from never ending Oculus VR games.

25 Bluepoint- great success remaking older Sony games. Xbox could give them the chance to make an original IP along with remaking older Xbox titles in between. Plus it keeps Sony from getting them which I see them planning on. This would hinder their remake releases and bolster Xbox.

26 Respawn Entertainment- Obviously master First Person Shooter studio and own the Titanfall and Apex Legend franchise. Versatility with Fallen Order. Titanfall could be developed more and release as a AAA FPS inbetween Halo releases.

27 Level 5- Japanese studio, with JRPG experience in the White Knight Chronicles. Provides more Japanese content and with funding Level 5 could surprise people. They are struggling right now and should be ripe for an acquisition. Plus Xbox just needs more Japanese studios.

28 Game Science - Black Myth Wukong looks insane. Having a studio in a fast developing market. 3rd person action/adventure genre. Could help grow and build that studio China is thought the be the largest development game market so getting a jump start could help Xbox tremendously.

29 FYQD Studio- Bright Memory made by one developer imagine what a fully funded studio could do. A 2nd Chinese dev that could potentially blow up in the near future in that market. FPS/action genre tons of potential.

30 Jade Raymond or Stadia studio- Now that Google has disbanded thier studios. I would like to see Xbox bring over the entire Stadia studio under Jade rename them and let them make something ambitious. There should be plenty of talent available between all of their separate studios bring all of the best in and make a brand new dev studio most of the leadership and people were in place, just bring them under the Xbox roof.


I don’t see Oculus selling RAD, nor do I see EA selling Respawn. And as you mentioned, Sony is extremely likely to acquire Bluepoint, if they haven’t already.

Level-5 would be cool, though.

Yeah I see no chance of Ready at Dawn or Respawn, but per the rules of the thread as a fantasy pick Microsoft could purchase them from Oculus and EA in a dream world. Bluepoint will most likely be purchased by sony in the future, I do think it would be awesome if Xbox stepped in and purchased them first and allowed them full freedom to make an original IP or remake any or the original Xbox IP that have been dormant. It would be a huge blow to Playstation and Microsoft probably has that money laying around in a drawer somewhere. I am excited about the potential of the Chinese devs. Just seeing what that are doing with Wukong and Bright Memory show that market is growing quickly. Level 5 seems to be any financial trouble and Xbox through Tango could probably step in and acquire them fairly easy now. They could be a subsidiary of Tango Gameworks and would allow Xbox to bypass the Japanese acquisition laws. I think their JRPG experience could be beneficial to Xbox and a White Knight Chronicle style game with more funding and time would be awesome. Also Xbox would be crazy not to be talking with Jade Raymond and the recently fired Stadia devs and working something out. they had 3 studios that I am sure had tons of great talent wasted at google, bring the best over to a new Xbox studio keeping most of the same structure with Jade as the head and I am sure they could deliver something special.

30 Studio Challenge Update.

So, I’ve tallied up everyone’s votes from the original discussion and I’ve come up with our last 7 studios!.. well sort of!

Studio #24 is… Asobo Studio with 12 votes! image

Studio #25 is… Remedy Entertainment with 11 votes!

Studio #26 is… FromSoftware with 8 votes!

Studio #27 is… Bloober Team with 7 votes! image

Studio #28 is… Crystal Dyanmics with 6 votes! image

Studios #29-32 are actually split between 4 studios… each had 5 votes so Satya Nadella was kind enough to allow us to purchase the additional two studios. What a guy

Studio #29 is… Bungie with 5 votes!

Studio #30 is… Ryu Ga Gotoku Studio with 5 votes!

Studio #31 is… IO Interactive with 5 votes!

Studio #32 is… DONTNOD Entertainment with 5 votes! image


I am not going to list a bunch of studios, but I vaguely think that they might either give Bethesda the green light to start another studio from scratch or have at least one more studio purchased that falls under that management structure.