2021, 30th Anniversary of Sonic, 20th Anniversary of Halo & Xbox

This year is full of potential for great games. I expect a new game announcement for the Sonic franchise maybe Mania 2 but I really hope for an ambitious 3D Sonic game since its been over 3 years since Sonic Forces.

Then we will get Halo Infinite of course, I wonder if they have cooked up anything else for the 20th anniversary, maybe the long awaited TV-Show?

And last but not least we got the big Xbox anniversary. I totally expect a 20th anniversary Xbox Series X special edition console and hope for dynamic themes to accompany that. Maybe with customs sounds too.

Anyway there is a lot to look forward to this year, big Xbox games like Mass Effect are coming back and we have great anniversaries of big names, so what do you expect/hope to see in 2021? What are you looking forward to personally? (can be anything, even if its not Xbox, Halo or Sonic)


Saw this on Twitter, there sure are a LOT of anniversaries this year.

I do have high hopes for Sonic’s 30th Anniversary. I know they’ve said that they expect it to be a big year for Sonic, and that most definitely includes a new mainline 3D game. Sonic Forces was mediocre, but I do think that this 30th Anniversary game will be good. They’ve been working on it for a while, more than almost any other Sonic game. A return to a high budget like in Sonic Unleashed would be very welcome, though I don’t fully expect it. Whatever it is, I’m looking forward to it, though.

And I think Halo: Infinite will turn out really well, especially due to the full year delay. It’d be nice if the release date was November 15 to coincide with the 20th Anniversary of Halo CE. I’m actually predicting a return to the 90s on Metacritic.


Wow that are a lot of anniversaries. Looking Forward to Resident Evil Village this year. Hope it has the same vibe as Resident Evil 4.

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It looks like RE4 meets RE7 so far and it’s awesome! I am crazy hyped for this game!

Also Zelda, Metroid, Halo and Xbox anniversaries! BotW2, Metroid Prime Trilogy HD and Halo Infinite…oh man, 2021 might be a crazy year.

Crash bandicoot being a 25 year old franchise really makes me feel old.

Yeah, Resident Evil VIII: Village this year and possibly REmake4 in 2022.

Halo Infinite will obviously releases around November 15 and I suspect that 343 will go hard on the 20th anniversary hype.

2021 is also the 40th (!) anniversary of Wolfenstein. It would be cool if Wolfenstein 3 can hit 2021.

I think this will be the last game in the series and that MachineGames will move on another IP after that.

It also will be the 25th anniversary of Quake but I think that id Software is too busy with DOOM at the moment and nothing related-Quake will happen next year.

Also Conker’s 20th anniversary and Viva Pinata’s 15th anniversary but I don’t expect anything happening regarding these IPs.

I would love a special collector OG Xbox-themed design for the Series X but I don’t know if it will happen. A Halo Infinite collector edition is already certainly planned as both OG Xbox and Halo:CE anniversaries are in the same month.