2 New Resident Evil 4 Remake trailers (Gameplay & Story)



From the RE Showcase. It looks pretty good!


Me and my brother played it on Cube back then, we loved it. This remake looks awesome, Capcom just knows what they are doing.

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expecting the island (and some bosses) to be fully cut for the remake. after RE3 i don’t trust them to make a RE remake justice other than 2.

Didn’t 2 different teams work on REmake2 and REmake3?

Υeah supposedly the REmake 2 team is leading this one. Also REmake 3 besides it’s flaws and cut corners it is still a great game.

REmake 4 looks amazing, best looking game this gen IMO (which is funny because it’s a cross-gen game) and the gameplay looks spot on…I was afraid that they may pair back the action but it looks fuckin’ awesome, they may strike a nice balance with both action being intact and also having an even more horror oriented atmosphere than the vanilla in this remake. Can’t wait to play this! :partying_face:


Overall I think it looks great, they seem to have combined the horror and action elements really well and the melee stuff like the kicks is way better than the way the original did it imo

but theres something about the gameplay that feels off

It looks…i dunno, kind of loose and slow compared to the original and the shotgun looks bad, like there’s no recoil at all and it just looks kinda weak?

Even to this day the OG Resident Evil games have done that better than any of the modern OTS games, you popped heads with the magnum or shotgun in OG RE3 and it felt amazing

Now imagine a Dino Crisis remake with these visuals and combat.


Can’t freaking wait!!! Day freaking one baby!!!

REmake2 is my own personal standard for what a remake should be and while REmake3 fell short, I believe REmake4 will match or surpass REmake2. Let’s go baby!!!

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Day 1 EASILY. I thought i was looking forward to DS remake and Calisto…RE4 blows them both out of the water…

Funny the game skips XBox one all together. Should have skipped Ps4 too

This is nonsense. I am as excited about RE4 Remake as anyone, as RE4 is one of my favorite games of all time. But Callisto and Dead Space both look incredible.

Where did I say they don’t? I’m saying I’m looking forward to DS and Calisto but RE4 for me just looks way better. DS remake looks good, i wouldn’t say incredible.

“Blows them out of the water” which is hyperbolic nonsense.

Don’t get me wrong, there is nothing wrong with looking forward to RE4 the most out of those three.

I love this generation ! Next year is going to be fucking insane ! I’m ready.