2 Feature Requests to improve the individual forum experience

Feature Request 1:

I would like to be able to to choose my Bookmarks page as Default Home Page. Currently it is not offered in the Interface Settings.

Feature Request 2:

I would like to set the forum to “ALL READ” so threads are all grayed out like the example. Currently I do not find that option under “Latest” and it is not the same as “Dismiss” in the “New” Tab. (maybe my tendency to OCD :wink: )

Thanks in advance!

cc @Predrag @Sikamikanico


I would like to second these feature requests please. Was writing up my request on the mark all then this was posted.

@MrZweistein @MrZweistein

1. Bookmarks as Default Home Page

This feature is not yet there, I asked developers about it, so hopefully in the future updates there will be this option available.

2. ‘Mark All Topics As Read’ feature

Yes, there are ‘Dismiss’ options for New and Unread, but they will not gray-out until you ‘read’ them (just visiting the last post in the topic will gray them out).

Under your Preferences > Notifications page you can play around what is “new” for you and on Preferences > Notifications > Categories page you can fine-tune which categories will be muted for you.

I followed some discussions about “ALL READ” feature on Discourse dev forum and founders are opposing to implement this feature (for now) cause it can cause confusion and break some tracking functions.

We will add this to our features whish list and see how we can add it in the future.

Bookmark as home page is priority anyway. That way I can manage the threads I usually participate in.

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Sure. It looks doable cause it’s already there, next to Categories and Latest, but we will need to wait for some smart folks to make it.

It is based on Ruby I learned. Anybody in here with experience with that language and backend? Because if, let’s fork the master on Github and try implement on our own.

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Another bug - on email notifications of a reply the thread link is invisible on a white background. This is the CSS for the link:

font-weight:normal;text-decoration:none;font-weight:bold;color:#006699;background-color:02b303;color:#ffffff;border-top:4px solid 02b303;border-right:6px solid 02b303;border-bottom:4px solid 02b303;border-left:6px solid 02b303;display:inline-block;font-weight:bold

something about the color#fffff is the culprit I think.

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@MrZweistein Your feature request for Bookmarks as default Home Page view is live now, check out your preferences!

@mutualcore We will check out, thanks

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Cool, many thanks!

Logged out, logged in, works !

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