2.1 speaker set (BT, optical to TV) for XSX. Can it work?

So I have an XSX, Switch and in the near future a PS5. I don’t have the space for big speakers next to my TV (Samsung S95B) and TV sound is so so.

So I started to think of maybe looking for a Bluetooth speaker that I’ll connect to my TV for when I am gaming and not wearing headphones. I know it can work, because I tried a simple BT speaker I got here. But people do say it’s not ideal, sound delay etc.

So there’s another option. My TV has optical. This should be able to work with the XSX, right? I wish my TV had aux too because many more options would open up for me.

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I’d go with creative sound blasterx katana v2

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And then it’s just a matter of connecting HDMI from Xbox to the soundbar and the soundbar goes into the TV HDMI EARC?

Xbox to TV, TV to sound bar via eARC


Ah yes, of course, stupid me, lol.

Maybe I’ll go for a soundbar after all. I just hope I won’t run into those sound delay issues. Although I think only Atmos has that issue, but not entirely sure.

I’m reading good things about the Razer Leviathan too.

Damn. For some dumb reason the V2 isn’t here in my country. Only the first one which is optical only. I guess that should work too, my TV has optical.