1st time in history, Xbox is on track to leapfrog Sony PlayStation in revenue

The objective was always to put Microsoft Gaming as a lucrative branch for MS, allowing to fund Xbox without fear.

Still, I will be impressed when it will be proved that MS+ABK earns more than the sum of both taken separately. It will show some sinergy and some positive trend. As for now, I find a bit artificial to sum up both when they have been separated for 3/4 of this year.

In reality Xbox could pass PlayStation in revenue. But Tencent is far ahead of both. But I kind of like Xbox being behind PlayStation because it make Xbox more consumer friendly

That’s doing a lot of disregarding of the Xbox leadership and the turnaround we’ve seen; I think it’s smarter to lay that at Phil and Co.’s feet and not assume that the only reason they have been growing as they have is because they’re behind Sony in revenue.


And now I’m seeing delusional ponies saying Sony will buy Take Two and then Sony will be on top again.

Man, they ain’t buying shit. :joy:


Sony has no money for such acquisition. ABK was a gigantic acquisition, but MS is gigantic as well.

The market cap of MS is 2800B, it is 40 times ABK.

Sony market cap is 107B, which is twice ABK, but also 40 times (approx) the price of Bungie acquisition (not counting the provisonned 1.2B money for retaining people).

So, acquiring Bungie for Sony was as big as acquiring ABK for MS, more if you reintegrate the 1.2B (things are not so simple, of course).

Sony acquiring Take two would be like MS buying Meta in perspective.


Pretty sure I saw it mentioned that Sony were scaling back their acquisition stuff for a bit because of the current climate and their revenue forecasts, them buying Take2 is just delusional

T2 wouldn’t be as big as ABK but it would still be 30-40b minimum, they also have GTA6 coming relatively soon and it wouldbe a complete bidding war for them


Yeah, the PS5 is still selling like hotcakes, so it’s not like they have to make massive purchases. I’m sure Sony fans don’t like to hear it, but I can only see them making purchases of GAAS producers to increase their profits whilst their own efforts in that area are floundering.

People like pointing out that they could make a massive purchase with their cash reserves, but it isn’t that easy. Due to the fact Sony is also an insurance company and a bank, they need to have a large amount of cash on hands at all times. That’s why massive cash purchases are unrealistic and also the reason they are open to mergers, which realistically big publishers won’t find attractive in the current climate of massive payouts.

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