14 Day Trial Codes in XSX Controller Box

Friend of mine posted this on Facebook. His wife is the program manager for Accessibility at Xbox and she was in the video, so he shared it. They unbox the controller(s) and it comes with 14 day trial of GPU. Ya can even steal their codes that they hold up towards camera if ya can see the digits! :stuck_out_tongue:


I still have GPU but if this still works for me I’ll wait until November next year because then my GPU ends.

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Ooh interesting. For those unwilling or unable to watch the whole thing, it’s at about 4:30. Unclear if it’s for new members only or existing.

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Those game pass cards didn’t work for me after I had been a user for a while already but I am hoping since it’s GPU now (and I have never used such a card before) that It’ll work. Ah well, if not, I’ll gladly spend the money because it’s so worth it tbh.

It really is, especially if you can get a deal on Newegg or something!

Newegg I tried a few years ago for a digital game, I believe and they just didn’t accept my payment. I guess they don’t accept outside of USA.

Ah that’s a shame, maybe you could coordinate with a US-based friend?

I don’t have any real friends there, but maybe someone here is willing to do that. But we’ll cross that bridge when we get there. November next year is a long ways off. :wink:

Two years ago I believe it was I made use of that crazy offer where it was just one dollar for a month of XBLG and then merged it into GPU, it was beyond insane value. But I don’t think we can make use of that again.

From what I’ve read, it’s still possible to do the 1:1 conversion when your GPU runs out. No telling if it’ll still be active in a year though.