10 Years of MachineGames: A Retrospective

Some nice info about the studio, it’s founding, their journey and their future direction.

Obviously soon this will be an official Xbox Studio so I thought people might be particularly interested to read some of this stuff. I’ve been a big fan of MachineGames and I’ll be paying very close attention to what they’re doing over the next few years.

https://bethesda.net/en/article/3eOvBq5luTVTnQFIjGfGEc/10-years-of-machinegames-a-retrospective "Executive Producer and founding member Jerk Gustafsson looks back at a decade of MachineGames: their triumphs, trials, and how the development studio has continued to grow and innovate over the years. "

This is the image posted from 2010 - literally all the levels of TNO mapped out with names and everything. Pretty impressive that they stuck so close to that:

That time they went to Nandos:

The design goals for The New Colossus:

They note that The New Colossus was a critical success, but still provide some lessons learned:

Reading between the lines on the above, I assume the next Wolf game will be easier on it’s default difficulty and you’ll die a lot less.

Lessons learned on Wolfenstein: Youngbloods, and possibly hints at future direciton:

Again, reading between the lines, future Wolfenstein games will probably have multiplayer components, and may lean into the RPG systems. Of course, TNO/TOB/TNC already had pseudo-rpg progression throughout the game. I doubt the next game will be fully coop enabled, but maybe.

Closing thoughts:


Lovely write-up, thanks! I think they’re a talented studio whose gameplay just falls a tiny bit short compared to the greatest FPS games of the generation, but they have what it takes to deliver a masterpiece if everything falls into place. They experimented a lot with the Wolfenstein formula, curious to see where they bring it next.

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I am a huge fan of TNO and liked TNC well enough. Really it’s the character work that is uniquely strong in the shooter space. I agree the gameplay could use a tune up. I reckon Wolf 3 won’t ship next year but a trailer or something might be possible at e3 perhaps. It’ll be my most hotly anticipated XGS game unless they stuff it up.

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I just splurged on the Alt History Collection. Never played a game by Machine or Arkane before.

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Hope you have a good time! A lot of fun to be had.

If you’re getting owned in The New Colossus, do not, I repeat, do not hesitate to lower the difficulty. It’s harder on average than the predecessor, both in terms of stealth being trickier to pull off, and in terms of dying easier. This is especially true on a gamepad where it’s not quite as easy to focus fire enemies down during intense fights.

All of the games have a pseudo old school sensibility - you’ll be duel wielding automatic shotguns and whatnot, health and armor pickups, etc.

Final piece of advice is explore your home base everytime you get back to one after a mission - there are several optional character beats that are really great.


Thanks for the advice! :smiley: