You Had Me At Halo Podcast |OT| The Great Journey

I think we have all been in that situation, so my utmost sympathy, and hey, you made it through lol.

Don’t mention it, I enjoy listening to some chill Halo talk from you guys :+1:.

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A new episode of our Halo podcast has been posted!


This is my favourite Halo podcast on XboxEra!


LOL. Thanks for dealing with the mics of me and Austin (Proven). We’re working on resolving soon. Thanks for the support.


Another two weeks have flown by and it’s time for the next episode! If anyone has any questions to ask, now is the time. So far we’ve been able to get to every single question and we hope to keep that up.

tldr; if you have any community questions, please post them now.


This is awkward no one likes us!

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How do you want the ‘Halo Infinite as a platform’ to work? And how do you think it will work?

Great podcast! Keep up the good work. :slight_smile:

What kind of visual enhancements you expect from halo infinite

Hey everyone, we are going to be recording another episode of the Halo podcast soon. Reply to this with any Halo or Halo adjacent questions and we will do our best to answer them.

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My question is in regards to the news yesterday: With confirmation that we will be getting a high level update soon, what do you think this will entail?

Once again enjoying the podcasts and enjoying the ability to increase the fov in Halo finally :ok_hand:.

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Who is the biggest asshole on the podcast team? :wink:

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Time for community questions!

A new Halo book is coming, Master Chief could be coming to Fortnite (third person Master Chief! :wink: ) and the battle royale rumbling continues. Meanwhile, the mocap actor for Infinite says the game could be coming out sooner than we expected!

So, any questions on Halo Infinite or things related to the games? Post 'm here and the podcast crew will discuss them!

Do you think the mocap actor is accurate? Or does he just speculating like rest of us?

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we hit this one up :slight_smile:


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Yay! Another episode of my favourite XboxEra Halo podcast.

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A surprising number of things to talk about this week.

Here’s the newest episode of out You Had Me At Halo Podcast!

2:44 - Master Chief in Microsoft’s holiday ad

12:50 - What is your favorite Halo launch?

26:10 - The mocap actor for Master Chief alludes towards a spring release

37:42 - Just when is Halo Infinite releasing?

1:08:42 - Master Chief in Fortnite?

1:15:25 - Community Questions - Where do you want the story with Cortana to go? [1:24:03]( v=laId_2a6hlU&t=5043s) - Community Questions - If you could pick one author to write the next Halo game, who would it be?

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This one was a lot of fun to record, our next one will be after whenever they do the “high-level update” most likely.

I haven’t listened to the podcast yet but I did think that the next episode should have no shortage of discussion points what with it being after the update.

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