You Had Me At Halo Podcast |OT| The Great Journey

I know this isn’t directed towards me but I’ll answer the first two.

  1. I have rewatched the Flintlock trailer 5 times including the extended trailer from the PC Gaming Show.

  2. I wasn’t surprised with no Halo Infinite. If they have nothing ready to show, why be there? I’m hoping for the story campaign expansion in 2023 but im not expecting it so if it does release next year, it will be a pleasant surprise.

We are live Thursday (tomorrow) at 7:15pm EDT! Hit us up with ANY questions you have for the panel whether they are Halo focused or not for this one!


Hello not-the-XboxEra-podcast panel!

Two questions:

Halo question: have you played Fall Guys and donned the Master Chief skin?

Podcast question: last week we had the Final Fantasy Seven 25th Anniversary event, and yesterday the Nintendo third party partners Direct. While Xbox players are happy to see Final Fantasy 7 Crisis Core Remake coming to the console, there was mixed to poor reactions with the news that Final Fantasy Seven Remake missing Xbox and then the Megaman Battle Network Legacy Collection getting released everywhere but Xbox. It seems like for every step forward (Persona) we then fall back two steps.

I am interested in the panel’s thoughts about getting Japanese games on the platform, and especially new games and new IP’s. What needs to be done to ensure Xbox is part of the dialogue?


Oh, one more thing- can each of the panel members say “What’s going on??”

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Well, hello there Spartans…

Glad to see YHMAH stand when the others fall! :wink: I’ll throw a few questions your way:

  1. I recently learned that goofy cosmetics is avoided in Halo Infinite due to the horrible Halo community throwing a fit at everything. So with that in mind, what would be your most goofy cosmetic item you’d add simply to piss off all the toxic assholes on r/halo etc?

  2. Lots of games from Xbox coming next year, which one do you think releses first and when and why?

  3. What’s your top 3 most anticipated games this fall?

  4. Which will be better; The Callisto Protocol or Dead Space Remake?

Hugs, Mort.


Honestly did not have any questions for you gentleman this week. Kind of done with Halo for a little while. Really over did it the last couple months. But since you’re the defacto Xboxera podcast this week…

What game releasing this summer and fall are you all looking forward to the most? I’d go Darktide


Going live with some Halo Infinite!

Myself and our very own @OneBadMutha