You Had Me At Halo Podcast |OT| The Great Journey

The Act- Man made a video complaining that he didn’t get invited to preview Halo Infinite and was genuinely shocked about it but makes toxic videos meant to stir up anger and has used words that were left behind in the mid 2000’s. Can’t say this guy has any self awareness.


I remember that. Was pretty pathetic at the time.

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Well, then expect Halo civil war until the end of time. Sorry @PoderickPayne, it’s only beginning

There can’t be a civil war if you have a vocal minority. They will get replaced sooner or later, and I can’t wait for that.


I don’t think it’s a minority. I think it’s split right down the middle. But no one really knows

Including you, yet you stll started with that right down the middle stuff


Okay @PoderickPayne. Let me try again to better meet your standards

  1. There’s fans that like the new direction of Halo

  2. There’s fans who hate the new direction of Halo

  3. There’s the fans, who hate the the fans, that hate the new direction of Halo (including you)

  4. There’s the fans who don’t care one way or the other

Perfect 25% all around, good enough for you?

It could be if the premise of attributing unkowable statistics wasn’t prcisely what my problem with your previous post was

And you just did it again

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You know what they say… That 99.997% of statistics on forums about Halo are bullshit. Other games’ statistics bullshit level is 79.87%.


Hey lower case i guy, don’t you know that 99.997% is right 50% of the time, EVERY time

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This is the thing the content creators pretending that Paramount is “targetting us for being negative” don’t tell you. They all know that the basic policy for Paramount is to block, it’s entirely automated and you dispute it to have an actual human look at it. That human will see “ah this is a reaction/breakdown video” and then allow the video 99.9% of the time.


Hey, thanks! We loved having you with us in chat and tbh I’m a little sad that we won’t have this to discuss every week anymore.

Though E3 is right around the corner, and hopefully there’s something Halo related there…

I’ll be completely honest here.

This could be the most well crafted, perfectly thought out, fully reasonable video on youtube, and I wouldn’t click it with that title and thumbnail. Life is too short for clickbait.


Awww shucks! Love you Mort.


This is a good one, even y’all can’t hate this


I don’t mean to pile up on you here :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes: I am more speaking to people like the Act Man and not yourself. And I’m not speaking to him directly but rather everyone like him.

But he says something like “don’t TV producers know the importance of Master Chief’s face” or something like that and to me that’s just repeating the same stuff that people brought up years ago.

I saw the producers attached to this project and saw that they weren’t experienced in sci-fi, and I held my concerns back then. But to complain about it again and again and again after the decision was made just seems a bit insane.

I saw some great names attached to this project and I saw some questionable names. It sounded like, from the premise, that this show wouldn’t be the “ideal” Halo show that I had in my head. And I’m sure this rings true with people like Act Man and many others.

The difference being that I understand that what is done is done and I move on from that whereas he whines about it over and over to the point where I don’t think it’s healthy for him.

And I think this unhealthy behaviour is stemming from the need to generate content, based on outrage, for their livelihood. And they’re feeding it to an audience that is probably made of mostly children and I think it’s going to screw them up in one way or another. It’s like folks who read the National Enquirer as if it was anything other than a joke.

I can imagine this guy complaining about season 2 episode 7 and referring to the fact that Master Chief takes his helmet off and it shouldn’t happen because it’s Halo. He’ll go on a rant about how, in the games, we all saw ourselves as Master Chief yadda yadda…in his season 2 episode 7 review.

What’s done is done and sensical criticism is rooted in understanding this.


It’s all good lol, anything Halo related at this time when the fan base is so divided will lead to dog piling on any side. Almost to the level of Star Wars. It sucks, but I’ve just excepted that, but as a shiny metal chrome dude once said

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We have Ian from Halo Canon on this week, leave your questions below!


You’re not going to believe this, Jesse… but “toa” is short for toilet in Swedish.

So… toa freak huh. :laughing:

Good guest btw!