You Had Me At Halo Podcast |OT| The Great Journey

We are incredibly excited to share with you the news that the team at XboxEra will be starting a Halo podcast. The “You Had Me at Halo” podcast will be solely dedicated to all things Halo and will be hosted by a group of passionate fans of the series.

We are doing a Halo podcast because XboxEra loves the series and the team comes to Halo for different reasons. We have members of our team that like different aspects of the series, from campaign to multiplayer to books and more. We have differentiating opinions and philosophies on Halo as well, so there will be many times where healthy arguments come up.

We believe that we have something to offer Halo fans with a podcast filled with different opinions and knowledgeable insight. But most importantly, we want to be able to talk about Halo because we love it so much.

On the podcast we will talk about the past, present, and future of the series and hit on every aspect of Halo from gameplay to lore to multimedia to marketing. This will truly be an in depth examination of the series that the team at XboxEra is so passionate about.

We are incredibly excited to start this great journey, and cannot wait to hear what everyone thinks.

Make sure to subscribe to the XboxEra YouTube channel if you want to watch the video version of the podcast. Subscribe to the “You Had Me at Halo” Podcast feed wherever you subscribe to podcasts.


Good luck guys!

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Awesome! Let me know when it goes up on Spotify so I can follow, as it’s not up on there at the moment.

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I’ll post all of the links the pod is available when they are ready


Really looking forward to listening to this.

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Really looking forward to this!

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This should interest you guys …

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Btw I read all the main story books. I will get you if you talk nonsense :wink:



I will certainly be listening to this. If only the podcast had a certain new Halo game to talk about really soon :grimacing:.

Haha, I’m interested to hear how deep in the lore they get. I’ve got read them all, but I’ve read a few so will be great to get even more lore.

Awesome. I was never an enormous Halo fan but just this summer I had a lot of fun playing the Master Chief Collection in co-op with my kids. :slight_smile:

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Really looking forward to this! As a Halo aficionado, I’m stoked to see you lot delve into the lore, Infinite details, and all things Halo :slight_smile:

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I’ve read everything but some of it was over a decade ago so I’m sure I’ll have to look things up depending on the context.

This was a fun first episode. Enjoyed it!

Especially liked people telling their first experiences with Halo. Mine was in 12th grade, some friends snuck an Xbox and a projector into school and a group of us found an unused classroom while 11th grade was doing testing for 90 minutes, played some rounds of slayer. I was used to Unreal Tournament and Halo seemed sluggish in comparison, but had a lot of fun. As a pc gamer, I eventually grabbed a copy of Halo 1 and loved modding it so my assault rifle fired sniper rounds and my pistol fired tank / rocket rounds that homed in on enemies. Lots of fun, and can’t wait for Infinite.


The host needs to update it’s mic! Bad sound quality

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He already has! He was forced to use his headset I believe for this episode, but it should be at least a little bit better next time.

We may also be alternating hosts per episode, still not decided on that.

Thank you for your feedback!

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I have just listened to the episode last night and I want to say congratulations on the maiden podcast, even if a certain someone made me feel a bit old :grimacing:.

I just want to briefly mention that I believe Joseph Staten has been brought on board to make sure the game lands in a polished state and not much else and nothing has been uncovered to cause worry lol. The game has been delayed and I am sure he has been brought in by Microsoft to make sure the game is out before the end of their fiscal year.


I’m hoping he’s there to help make sure there are lots of fun dialog things to uncover, grunts waxing poetic, etc.