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1080p/60fps is what I’ve read.

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Series X is 1440p 60fps

Series S is 1080p 60fps


I’ve noticed (and this is nothing new) how limited the freedom for the player really is in the game. I see a alley, but I can’t go there, invisible wall. I see a staircase, can’t go there, invisible wall. I kinda wish they would just let us go there. But I guess they just want you to move on with the story, fight baddies, the sub stories and mini-games.

Talking about Yakuza 0 here.

So far i’ve played 0,1,2, life of a dragon, so I can’t wait to start 3


I feel like the Series S could have been bumped upto 1440p as well as it is capable. Wonder if One X got enhanced too.

How far are you on? The first chapter and I think the second have closed areas so you can’t explore much.

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I don’t think the Yakuza remasters are enhanced for the Series S|X. Instead, what’s likely is that it’s 1440p on the One X and since the Series X runs One X versions via backwards compatibility, it’s 1440p on the Series X and 1080p on the Series S since that’s what the One S version is at.


Right ok, yeah that makes sense.

Hopefully they can give Yakuza 6 the Series X/S enhancements the game deserves.

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Would be very nice to have Yakuza 6 at 60FPS but I don’t see it happening.

I believe it’s chapter 2. Real estate stuff.

It absolutely could but Sega hasn’t enchanced these games like they did for Yakuza like a dragon so we’re stuck with Xbox One S and Xbox One X versions on current gen. That’s fine by me though they look great.


The Dragon Engine games (Kiwami 2, 6, LAD) are better about that. You can go in a lot more alleyways/doors and you can push obstacles out of the way/hop over little barricades instead of everything being an invisible wall.


Oh wow, I didn’t know that at all. I thought this was just a thing of Yakuza, awesome.


Kiryu is more wholesome and a more interesting father figure than Joel from the last of us. Kind of amazing how a wacky Japanese crime drama can make me feel more emotional and invested in it’s characters than a game like The last of us. I’m a big fan of The Last Of Us so no hate here.


I get what you’re saying but I think it’s a bit of a stretch to call Joel wholesome :laughing:

Kiryu is a great character for sure, and I’m surprised by how much I liked Ichiban. The fact they’re forced into so much goofy BS helps round them out a ton, and the juxtaposition of how intensely they take things and how mundane the minigames are is genius.

Is it me or does Yakuza 3 feel really clunky compared to 1 and 2? I know we have been spoilt with LAD but everything from the Map and Menu system to fighting just seems a bit off.

Yes. It takes some adjusting too. It is a 2009 PS3 game so i give it some leeway. Yakuza 1 and 2 have had the benefit of being remade. Yakuza 4 and 5 are apparently much more like Yakuza 0 controls wise.

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Excellent, thanks for confirming it is not just me.

Engaging the heat action seems to be really difficult for me. At the moment I am virtually playing without it. Makes fighting the third Level boss quite frustrating.

Really mainlining it. On chapter 7 already. I normally play as many of the sub stories etc as possible but this one is so janky and poorly paced that I am not enjoying it nearly as much as usual. Hoping 4 is much better.

The game only has 12 chapters so it’s probably the shortest of the series. I’m on chapter 10 now and I’m really enjoying it even though it is admittedly the weakest in the series so far. From talking to others it really seems like Yakuza 4 fixes a lot of the problems people have with 3. I should be finished with 3 by sometime tomorrow.

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