Yakuza Kiwami 2 is now available on Xbox Game Pass

For people interested, here is the MS Store link.

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It’s really good. Just be sure to bring your popcorn.

Almost done with it where’s part 3-6 :unamused:

Ugh, I’m still on 0… The sheer number of cutscenes pushed me away. I’ll try again one day I suppose.

On PS4 :frowning:

On Chapter 2. The move to the Yakuza 6 engine is great.

Zero went on too long, 1 was the right length, bring on 2 after greedfall, which I’m torn bout…


Just beat it gonna need 3-6 on xbox great ending :booty:

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Thankfully we don’t need to play 3-6 to play 7, but still I hope they can get 3-6 also. Judgment too! Judgment was such an amazing game.

I tried playing 0 but gave up early when I had to go fetch a bunch of items and I was running aimlessly around the city. My attention span is terrible for stuff like that. Otherwise I really liked the cheese ball, 100% Sega tone of the game. How’s Kiwami 2 in comparison? Any more streamlined or is there a lot of boring fetch quests here too?

More streamline but you have to finish zero

bout 3-4 hours in so far. This game looks incredible, too bad it isn’t X enhanced.