XSX Browser Lets you Stream Stadia, Steam, EGS games (ex. Death Stranding)


So PC gaming without needing to duel boot? Nice!

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Between that and RetroArch, I won’t even need to go elsewhere.

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Is this actually going to be available and possible for everyone including those who are not part of the Insider Program? Thanks.

Eventually yes, but the release notes mention this is basically a dump of the pc app for now and they may remove some features in the future.

Oh, okay. I don’t really expect to see Steam, Stadia and EGS games being playable on Xbox Series X when the update is released to the public. That would be awesome though. I wonder if I would be able to play Corruption 2029 (turn based strategy RPG from The Bearded Ladies Consulting developer who made Mutant Year Zero) since it’s exclusive to EGS. Have to see if this actually happens. Thanks.

It would be amazing. I don’t think my ISP can handle streaming the games at 4K, but I don’t mind that. So this would mean we can play all these games with our Xbox controller? We just start the browser, go to steam and go? That is if the feature is still there.


To be honest I’m expecting them to cut features like extension and plugin support, but those services implemented in standard html5 (so they can work on mobile) should work even on the final release.

  • Shenmue III - Epic Games Store

If it sticks in final release playstation exclusives on Xbox :joy: