XboxEra's 2024 Backlog Challenge |OT| Surely this is the year?

OK, thanks for confirming.

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I am glad we’ve come to a concensus on GWG/PS+ titles, and F2P games earlier for that matter!


So I do think we owe APOPHIS1989 an answer on Coffee Talk counting or not since it was completed already. If not then I will also need to subtract one from my score for Project Highrise Architect’s Edition.

Edit: was just looking in that section again just and my completion for Adios would also have fallen in here. The other ones do show as owned even though they’re in here.

I think we should count that point (and yours), no retroactive shenanigans.


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Almost forgot, but time to update the leaderboard as well. Some changes, mainly due to @Searsy82 listening to the devil again, but some nice completions too. The Professor inching his way upwards in spite of playing 2000h games :wink: Keep up the good work everyone!

Current leaderboard:

  1. @Zip 21.5

  2. @SilentJay76 17

  3. @Knottian 15.5

  4. @ACyberRazorCut 10.5

  5. @Searsy82 10.5

  6. @vrinn 9

  7. @profjjj 8.5

  8. . @ Mort 5

  9. @MasterLeePhD 3.5

  10. @Rodya 2

  11. @APOPHIS1989 1


Yay! I am back to positive, for now…


+0 Coffee Talk 2

I didn’t enjoy it as much as the first. I thought the additional ingredients were fine, but the added item system seems to be a little much for me. I also didn’t have that moment that I wanted to learn more until the end of the first playthrough, so the game just felt slow to me.


Coffee Talk Episode 2: Hibiscus and Butterfly +0

Well… no points but at least I finished a game! Just like @APOPHIS1989 , I did not enjoy this one as much as the first game.

A game like this is carried by its stories and characters and unfortunately neither hit as they did in the first game. I think they spent too much time on old characters with pretty much the same problems as in the first game, almost like a fan-service dlc at times. Repetitive and uninspired even. Jorji’s mystery was interesting but wasn’t fleshed out enough to make a mark. The new characters and their stories didn’t really add much or wasn’t very likeable either. The influencer was annoying af, the alien felt same-ish and annoying, the banshee was good but her personal issue could have been more interesting but at least she lifted some of the other characters and stories.

It just wasn’t engaging overall. There was one scene with “the old guys” discussing the mark you leave on your children that was nice, but that was probably it.

Glad I finished it before it left Game Pass and didn’t buy it like I planned to. Decent game but a disappointing sequel.


+0 Toem

A cozy adventure game that tasks you with photographing the titular Toem, and many other things along the way. I really enjoyed it, from the black and white art style, characters, story, and gameplay loop. It leaves Game Pass in a couple days, but I completed it in 5.5 hrs, so you may still have time!


Long time in the making (2015 according to trueachievements) but finished Contrast (Xbox One). +1

I kept dropping this around the carousel in the second act when I had tried it before, but finally did that as well. Absolutely loved the princess shadow theater puppet show in that section where she keeps saving the prince and then they have buttered muffins every day, and Didi (the little girl) wonders why the king keeps wanting to get rid of the princess. There’s a lot of great story telling in this one, but I’d occasionally have issues with aiming if I was jumping out of shadows into the real world.

I never really got far into We Happy Few even though I had picked up the game and dlc, but enjoying the story here makes me want to look at that again and also (along with what was an amazing showing at the showcase last month) makes me really happy Compulsion gets to keep making quirky games with their kind of story telling, and I’ll definitely plan to try South of Midnight when it releases.


Ah, I’ll try to finish this one too! Game Pass really controls our gaming at times haha.

I enjoyed that little game too! The storytelling was nice, and I enjoyed the shadow gimmick more than I thought I would.

I should also jump into We Happy Few, at least before South of Midnight arrives. I hear the main game is so-so but the DLC is really good apparently.


Unfortunately, it’s been tight this month. I had a family vacation the first week of the month and then my mom visited most of last week. I am probably going to finish Figment 2 in time, but it goes on sale for $5 if not. I definitely won’t finish Wandering Village however, so I will basically be using Game Pass as a demo for it.