XboxEra Community Hangout |OT9| Waiting for Developer_E3

If this is the start of many more smaller Directs for upcoming first party titles but also just general new Game Pass additions,…great! More updates from Xbox are always welcome and it really isn’t hard, just copy Nintendo’s format.


Yes please just copy Direct. State of Play copied it for a reason. Inside Xbox died for a reason. Hopefully by literally taking the “Direct” name, they understand.

Please no 25 minute interview about the intricacies of Forza Motorsport’s weather system and please no hosts around a table talking about “how lit that banger was”.


February 2nd. Wonder if the last game being in Game Pass have them more awareness of the sequel.


It looks way more realized than the first game. I’m interested since they announced it.

It feels like they were more confident to even push it to 2023 for polish.

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Interesting timing. Someone wants to flex further.



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Time to vote again. Looking forward to see everyone’s lists!


How long has it been since we got official gamepass numbers ?


I think this time last year when they announced the ABK deal, 25m

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Yeah, we also got the news they had hit 18 million the January prior - so if we assumed they had maintained that rate they’d be at 32 million subscribers by now. They did mention growth had slowed though, maybe they’ve hit 30 million by now?



January 2021 - 18M January 2022 - 25M January 2023 - 30M ?

Id say 30m is possible as of now considering PC growth and Series sales but the delays for Redfall and Starfield especially will have slowed things down

My prediction is they are still a bit below that, 28-29

After the news of the internal Redfall delay and the Starfield page re-confirming the release window I was getting slightly hopeful about a April release for Starfield. But Redfall is going to be shown first, and let’s assume what Jez thinks is true, would it make any sense at all to still release before Redfall?

I guess if the Starfield Direct would be to follow closely after it, but this all sounds highly unusual to me. You’d think if Starfield would be one of the first to release (well, maybe FM first) it would be shown first too. Or not. We should be hearing from Xbox themselves this week, who knows, maybe they give the update on Starfield right away too.

It’s a question nobody can know a answer to, I realize this.

That week must be one busy week for Microsoft.


Wondered why there were 50+ replies in this thread since I last checked a couple of hours ago. Smoke is getting thicker. Great way to start the week for sure!

It’s so thick I think I am suffering from smoke inhalation all the way from Australia

The actor playing Arthur Morgan in RDR2.


Starfield for June or later seems more likely

If it turns out to be the latter I wish they didn’t add that release date question on the support page, reconfirming it. Who knows, maybe they plan on surprising everyone. We’ll see.

The guessing and waiting continues…

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Good for him.