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This is not what matters from this

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state of decay 2 came out 2018. how is it still in pre production

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2025-2026 seems more likely if you weren’t making a Hindle refference.

There’s no magic more hands on fix here. Microsoft can’t do anything but investigate claims, fire the offenders, and hope the replacements aren’t also a problem. That’s what they’re going to do if the Activision deal goes through as well.


Ik . Im commenting as Im reading the article.

Many contradicting things in that report.

The diversity is increasing, the salaries got adjusted and the HR director got the boot.

Some people say that Microsoft is too hands of with milestones and development, but the studio head is pushing that too much?

5 people leaving per week? The studio isn’t that big and recruitment is difficult, the studio would have be gone in a couple of months.

I think the Kotaku “journalist” took a lot of creative freedom on that one.


2026 came to my mind as well but why not delay it by 1 year at that point and make it a next gen launch game ? Ofc it will be cross gen .

I think it was 5 people leaving in the span of a week not 5 per week.


Because they already announced it and artificially delaying a game would be of no benefit since it’s live service anyway.

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fair .

Microsoft is seemingly interfering with the studio, so I do think the blaming it on the ‘hands-off’ approach is a new way for the media to spread fud.


I just checked Glassdoor, and seemingly the multiple sources used in the article are just copied reviews from glassdoor, because the complaints in the review are nearly copied verbatim in the article.

If this was another website I would give them the benefit of doubt, but not Kotaku.


It seems like Microsoft began to interefere more in the last half of a year / year.

God damn, you could be actually right. :phil_lmao:


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Yeah, I’m not saying there are/were no issues at Undead Labs, but using Glassdoor reviews as a source is quite iffy. Especially since there is no form of verification at Glassdoor.

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Oh gods… I have stories about Glassdoor reviews of where I work that I know are objectively false. That is not journalism…


It would be wonderful if you both joined and shared your great finds in the discussions over here too @ Kotaku - Allegations Of Sexism, Bullying, And Burnout: Inside The Microsoft Studio Behind State Of Decay 3

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Significant amount if post launch support and improvements. They were early pre-production when the game was announced at E3. I’m kinda suprised people were expecting it anytime soon.

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