XboxEra Community Hangout |OT2| Cracking down on shitposting

There’s some really strange people out there…

I can’t decide yet, still playing games from my backlog lol.

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I have completed Outriders and Resident Evil VIII: Village. Village is my GOTY by default as it’s the better game but I enjoyed Outriders more as I played that for the entire month of April. Played through Village once and traded it in.

Won’t know until the second half is set but if released, my favorites are -

  1. Horizon II: Forbidden West
  2. Halo Infinite
  3. Far Cry 6
  4. Dying Light 2
  5. Ratchet & Clank: Rift Apart
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Of the games I’ve played that released this year, probably Monster Hunter Rise or Hitman 3

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Could MS buy Focus Home interactive? Where ACG said this?

They should, it’s clear they didn’t secure enough content, considering H1 2021 is barren like a wasteland (lol) and H2 2021 expectations are being lowered every day since last week.

Focus Home recently acquired a majority stake of Streum On Studio, the devs behind Necromunda: Hired Gun. They also created a team dedicated for acquisitions.

Focus Home Interactive has recently strengthened its resources dedicated to external growth and now has a team in charge of acquisitions. The Group is in active discussions with a number of studios and today announced the acquisition of a majority stake in Streum On Studio.

In addition, the Group’s external growth teams are also in discussions with other targets that could constitute structuring acquisitions for Focus Home Interactive.

We have some very nice talks about acquistion in our OT :slight_smile:


ACG said it in one of his podcasts including Defining Duke but it fell through and obviously didn’t happen. I’m hoping that they could perhaps restart those negotiations. Probably won’t happen but I wouldn’t complain if it did.

Yea makes you wonder how many devs and publishers they are talking about for acquisitions or exclusive or gamepass deals

Probably a lot. I’m just hoping that they get the majority of them done because if they start to break off negotiations or talks fall apart and it happens repeatedly, then it’s like, did the seller change it’s mind or is the buyer not offering enough money?

I am expecting an acquisition either at E3 or later this year - Paradox Interactive. If that fell through than who knows what’s going on.

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You guys have to remember that Focus Home is a publisher with only two dev studios – Deck13 and Streum On.

All those games they release are made by third-parties: Asobo, Sumo Digital, Spiders, Dontnod…

Most of the studios they have partnered with in the past have been acquired by other companies (Nacon, Embracer, etc.). That’s why they are acquiring studios, not looking to be acquired. Deck13 was acquired in 2020 and Streum On a few weeks ago.


I was watching Xbox’s 2019 E3 while laughing at all those people excited for Cyberpunk and its April release date lol

60 games were shown in that conference, and 34 released straight into Game Pass.

Three big third-party games that were featured in that conference are yet to be released: Tales of Arise, Dying Light 2 and Elden Ring.

Only the first has a release date.


Yes. And as for Starfield, Jeff Grubb has also said it could be a cross gen game. For the game itself it doesn’t mean much, but for devs it’s extra headaches but the team is confident apparently. I wonder if this is the reason they first had it planned for this year and now for next year. Truly hope it won’t cause any issues in terms of delays.

Leave Xbox One the fuck behind already. I do get it though, the shortages for XSX are probably too big, and while Game Pass matters most to Xbox, it’s probably not that they can totally ignore console salsa and install base. Thankfully we’ll know about this in a few weeks now.

Does anyone here play Lost Ark? I don’t think it’ll make it to the west any time soon and I’m thinking about building a PC just to play. Wondering if it was worth it. Need a dungeon siege 3/kingdoms of amalur type fix.

The Kojima thing was Kojima taking a picture of a rainbow out of his office window. Sony happens to have their main HQ in the same area as the Kojima office and some PS fans took the Sony HQ being in the picture as irrefutable evidence that Kojima is making a PS game and that XBots got rekked. That’s basically the whole Kojima thing.

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THIS, thank you!

Downloaded it at the weekend. Decided it’s time for me to at least try & get into it, after being informed by yourself & others that it is enjoyable for a solo player.

Managed to put loads of time into Destiny 1 & 2 solo, so I should cope.

Downloaded Elder Scrolls Online as well because why not.


so there’s Typhoon AND a separate Avalanche game on deck?

I find it kind of funny that the Xbox+Nintendo talk/rumors is never “Microsoft wants to bring Nintendo games to Xbox Game Pass”

I think it would be unfair not to reach the Playstation too. If its coming to Nintendo Switch, why not Playstation 4 and 5?


Small reminder before E3… Unreal Engine 5 can also mean cross-gen games.