XboxEra Community Hangout |OT2| Cracking down on shitposting

No prob!

Cant see Forza Horizon launching first. Turn 10 are the creators of the brand, the main guys, it shows that its them who revealed thier Forza first.

I think Forza Motorsport. Late 2022 FH 5 2023

Got a mail from SE for the Nier pre-order mini soundtrack. Send me a 25 digit Xbox code to download an app with another code and no instruction about how to redeem it. SE is a weird company.

What was it about ?

I think with the pandemic outriders came out at the right time with the right model and people love it. I feel like if forza horizion comes out this summer its gonna be crazy huge


I posted a tweet about this news. :point_down:

i didnt know i had a topic for this. :sweat_smile:


Thanks !

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the linked website and the digital agency report are legit though

So, you expect Playground to release Fable and FH in the same year… lol.

By all accounts, Horizon is much further along than Forza Motorsport (Jason Schreirer and Jeff Grubb have said as much)…

FH5 will be cross-gen, the last Forza built on the old version of FTech which can run on X1, the new FM is fully next gen. Furthermore, FH is now much more popular, I’d argue it’s the most popular racing series period right now, so it would be smart to ride that success with a cross-platform release like never before for the franchise (day one on X1, X|S, W10, Steam and cloud).


I can’t see Horizon 5 being 2023 for one reason. Next year FH4 will be delisted, as per the 4 year licensing deals they do. I can’t see them having a period of time in which there is no Horizon game currently available on Game Pass/available to buy.


That’s a good point, the licensing deals have been that short? I guess that’s plenty with the normal 2 year cycle.

Another thread by Xplainin

Tears in my eyes. This has to be an xbox era unbreakable record.

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There’s some hints about “Pass” and “frequency” ? So maybe audio stuff ?

Maybe the 4k dashboard.

it must be something about the Xbox OS.

I wouldn’t really call that a cool feature persay, so I think it is something different.

It would make the dashboard crisper but that’s about it. The dashboard is also something I am not much on, I have a OLED and I rather avoid static backgrounds as much as possible. I got the dimmer enabled for after one minute too.

If they truly used these resources for something that really matters instead I’m fine with it. Definitely curious about that new feature though. What time do we expect this or unknown?

gonna echo folks saying there’s almost no way they wait until 2023 for a new Forza Horizon , not only because of licensing matters but because it’s easily now the second most popular franchise Xbox has , the unique players count of 4 has likely approached 30m at this point , i highly doubt they wait until 3 years into the new xbox life before releasing a new one . you never know but i would be very surprised .

There’s also nothing to justify why it would take that long outside of “they won’t release one until Turn 10 releases a new forza motorsport “ which seems like a silly thing to wait on as a business , especially when there’s rumors Turn 10 is/was assisting on Halo Infinite .