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That part at the end of the Perfect Dark trailer has me intrigued. Where the location almost seems…otherworldly. Very very cool.

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Genichiro was kicking my ass, but as I threw myself at him again and again. I managed to learn his timing and after upgrading the miriki counter to and moving ahead to get another bead for some health, I beat him without resurrecting.

I know things are just going to get harder from here, but I’m glad to note that another of my stops weren’t permant.


The thing that is wonderful with this game ( and Dark Souls games in general ) is how easily you beat all the bosses once you do a second run.

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Watched the Dragon Age walkthrough and dude… I am SO INTO this. This is my jam. If the rest of the game keeps up the pace and the companions are all great, this is a shoe in for my GOTY. The games that BioWare makes are just right on my wavelength.


That doesn’t apply to me! Bosses still kick me around until I get through them.

I think Dragon Age is a game that I’ll really enjoy. It’s been a long time since I’ve played Dragon Age though, was it always this action forward?

Damn, this is a steal!


origins was real time with pause, so was DA2, Inquisition was an ARPG but not as action oriented.

This is definitely much more of an action game than ever before. It’s been moving in this direction since DA2 though.

The screen shot with the pause power wheel literally looks just like Mass Effect.


All the details in one tweet and it’s music to my ears what I’m reading. Day one? Very, very likely.


Gonna be some pretty hard choices to make on what games to play over the new few months lol. I’ll probably put this one a little lower on the priorities since I know it’ll hit Game Pass at some point. Doubt I can wait that long though.


Oh shit! So a GC show might happen? They haven’t done those for a while, right?


If you think this is a steal, the AvP DLC has been on sale for well over a year now!


We got kids eating mud in Africa cause there no food yet we have people eating all that food. Why?

WTF does one person need all that food? And how is she not 600 pounds when she eats all that WTF.


Haha, it’s a content creator thing unfortunately

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I knew it when they showed the trailer, it’s slower than Eternal and I am very ok with that. As much as I loved playing through Eternal I could not play that for much longer than two hours straight. Simply too hectic, lmao.

“I noticed right away how slow those projectiles move – it just dawned on me that that is the maze,” said Martin, talking about how playing the original DOOM helped the studio design DOOM: The Dark Ages. “The movement is more horizontal as you weave your way between the projectiles, and every projectile mattered in the original DOOM.”

“If you were an F22 fighter jet in DOOM Eternal, this time around we wanted you to feel like an Abrams tank,” said Martin. “It means you’re more powerful and grounded. The combat system for new players – those who only got into DOOM with the reboot – I think with they are going to feel like this is a reimagined combat system. But for long-time fans of the series, people who played the original DOOM, you’ll see it’s really a return to form.”


After seeing the Gears of war E Day trailer I’m convinced Halo will be taking a similar step probably a prequel about the fore runners or Precursors or something along the lines of first discovering the enemy.


Halo: The Fall of Reach

If they can properly translate the novel into a videogame, it would be perfect.

2 Likes LMAO at Geoff doubling down.


Wow, Geoff being to narcissistic to just walk away and let it die. The savior of the industry is so petty he has to win a twitter argument with game devs.

Not surprised