XboxEra Community Game of the Year 2021 - Post your lists!

Don’t know what your ego has to do with that :stuck_out_tongue: feel free to edit your previous list though!

Genesis Noir!!

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Do it!!! Thinking about Hitman 3 for my list made me redownload it. Amazing game!

  • 1: Little Nightmares II
  • 2:It Takes Two
  • 3:Artful Escape
  • 4:Deaths Door
  • 5:Halo Infinite
  • 6:Genesis Noir
  • 7:Psychonauts 2
  • 8:Hitman 3
  • 9:Hot Wheels Unleashed
  • 10:Unpacking
  • Ongoing Game 1: Sea of Thieves
  • Ongoing Game 2: Halo MCC
  • Ongoing Game 3:

More Genesis Noir/Hitman 3 love!

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No Psychonauts 2?

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Edited my list to include Unpacking. I’ve discussed it a little bit elsewhere and my feelings on it are slightly complicated.

It’s certainly not a game I would’ve normally even considered for a best-of list, but after finishing it two days ago it kept coming back to me. Partly because of the story itself, a fair bit of it is up to your own imagination and head canon and so you have to get a little bit invested in it as you play it, so it makes sense that since part of the story is your own invention, you’d keep thinking about it afterwards.

And partly I kept thinking about it because I sort of didn’t like how it made me feel, and I’ve been re-examining my own thoughts on it. Basically, I found myself really disliking the main character, or at least really disliking several of her personality traits. And, to make matters even more complicated, some of those personality traits are stuff that I invented in order to explain what it was that I was unpacking! And so what does that say about me, inventing something about someone that I actively dislike? Like I said, it’s a little bit complicated.

Anyway, I figured any game that makes me think about it this much deserves a spot on the list. It might even deserve a higher spot than where I put it, but the very simplistic nature of the rest of the game is preventing me from slotting it in higher.

edit: Just want to ping @CallMeCraig as we talked a bit about this game in the ‘currently playing’ thread, but didn’t want to double-post these exact comments.


Oh wow, thats interesting to read, I LOVED it, and the main character, though perhaps as I kind of imprented myself onto her so much, I saw so much of myself in her and so much of what she loved as did I. Finally ending the story on the ending we got resonated with me too.

Add to this my love for tidying/sorting and finding equal joy and sadness in the act of moving and retrospection of your life and kinda both moving on from your old life but also still finding delight in some of those remnants…

I dunno I could talk about it forever too :smiley:

Really nice to hear anothers perspective :green_heart:

OMG yeah @Hearthian I must have scrolled passed your list and not seen it but yes!! on the spoiler regarding “Unpacking” just wonderful storytelling.


Good news


I didn’t feel the same about the main char as you but these different experiences are the nice thing about this game i think. On the surface its just some simplistic object mapping stuff (which you can even disable to get all achievements in 30 minutes or so) but its environmental storytelling is very strong and thoughtful. I did not expect this from this game and was very pleasant surprised, even more so when recent indie darlings like 12 Minutes and Last Stop failed spectacularly in the story department.

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Your game of the year is a GI Biz article? :wink:

Finally some Hotwheels Unleashed love!

Oh my word its night and day versus 12 minutes for me, just terrible I found.

I went it expecting some niche thing that only I as a freak who loves sorting things would like, not expecting the storytelling giant of 2021.

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I was a little sad about the way Last Stop ended. It was such a promising start. Like, I didn’t dislike the way they went with it, but it felt so rushed…


I thought Last Stop was a real letdown.


Best story i played this year by far was in The Procession to Calvary, absolutely hilarious. Yeah i know its a 2020 PC game, i dont care :woman_shrugging:t6:

I wasn’t “let down” so much I enjoyed it, and especially Meena’s character, I found she was portrayed well, her ruthlessness and unpleasantness and in the end me coming to understand her, like her and being happy for her to make the choice she did at the end to break the cycle of control and gaslighting.

Again I may be imprinting a little of myself onto her too, but I really enjoyed that character and her arc. I did like all the choices I made as well, despite their non “happy ending” as they felt perfect for the characters and 100% authentic.

I agree the overall story did feel a little “rushed”, but the character arcs were well done, the setting felt authetically “UK” without being too cartoony (though some of the teenagers dialoge was like, my god why is this kid talking like a 40 year old).

I may consider edoiting to add, I enjoyed it, though I would have loved it to have been as good to stick in my head like Unpacking.

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Ha, interesting to read. The Meena storyline was my least favourite of the bunch.


Yeah I get it… I dunno its hard to explain why I liked it despite her… I dunno it felt like a compelling arc to me, and you don’t often get women represented in stories in media in that kind of broken, flawed, “Antihero” kind of way, mentally damaged and not in a comic book way and able to believably grow without becoming mawkish…

I dunno perhaps Im just imprinting as I say, I didnt think I would like her at all or her story, but it really grew on me until the end where I was like “Yes, good for her”


Lol, wrong thread

Didn’t play a ton of new games this year as I am working on the backlog and the spouse has my Switch for Animal Crossing.

  1. Death’s Door
  2. Psychonauts 2
  3. Halo Infinite
  4. Hitman 3
  5. Guardians of the Galaxy