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If you’re after a puzzler that offers beauty, vibrancy and plenty of head-scratching moments, then you may want to pay attention to Lumote: The Mastermote Chronicles. Developed by Luminawesome Games Ltd and published by Wired Productions and now available on Xbox One and Xbox Series X|S, take on the task of Lumote, a squishy bioluminescent creature. Here in this wonderfully presented puzzle platformer, you must take control of the world’s inhabitants on a quest into the Great Depths to seize control from the Mastermote. The game retails for £16.74/$19.99 and is now available.

Introduction & Gameplay

With no story and not a tutorial in sight, you’re thrust right into the action with Lumote: The Mastermote Chronicles. You’ll see a cascade of red on the horizon in a haze of neon tinted areas. Your job is to traverse through each area and convert the red to a cool blue. The control scheme is very simple, using the analogue sticks to move around with the A button the jump and finally B to grip hold of an object and move it around. The developers have done a fantastic job at implementing a 360-degree camera which enables you to rotate your viewpoint at any time.

Instead of mimicking other puzzlers with several levels on offer, here the entire world is connected and you’ll be able to scan to further sections to glance at the next brain teaser. The premise is to fix the energy flow by turning each section blue. Cosmic flowerbeds await which propel you to higher platforms and sometimes across an empty void to take you to another platform. The experience is a true challenge as you negotiate these flowerbeds and shift objects around in order to transfer the beams of energy. For instance, you may need to take an object onto a flowerbed in an effort to lift it to a higher location. It’s up to you to figure out each section for yourself as there is no hand-holding or help here.

Graphic Design & Audio

I’ve played a lot of puzzle games in my thirty years of gaming and admittedly, they always seem a little basic in appearance. Lumote: The Mastermote Chronicles is gorgeous and attractive graphically. The vibrancy of the neon lights really appeals to the eye and the difference between the angry red and cool blue is clear in difference and clarity. Little squishy Lumote lights up the world in vivid green and reacts with every demand at the click of each button. The transition between moving objects and interacting with each puzzle’s features was flawless and I encountered no issues in terms of bugs. Being able to glimpse across the world at any time and see what is coming up is both unique and exciting.

If you admire the visuals as much as I did then there is a photograph mode where you can capture still shots. Additional features are present within the settings such as being able to display your frames per second in the top right-hand corner. In terms of audio design, for the most part, the world is almost silent. What is noticeable though is the cuteness of Lumote’s squeaks and squeals as you jump around.

In Conclusion

For me Lumote: The Mastermote Chronicles was a real joy to play through. Whilst the puzzles did start to feel somewhat repetitive with the same elements and patterns to a few of them, some really had me baffled attempting to figure out a solution. The game is mechanically sound with an atmosphere that made me feel relaxed. One criticism I have is that I was left craving more once I had seen and done everything. Those that are clever may finish this in a few hours. Collectables are scattered throughout the world which you may miss on the way. This will add some form of replayability for completionists out there. Overall though, Lumote: The Mastermote Chronicles was a memorable adventure and whilst short and sweet, it is worth your time if you want a casual title which requires a little brainpower.

Played on Xbox Series X
Available on Xbox One, Xbox Series X|S, Playstation 4|5, Nintendo Switch, Windows PC
Release Date April 21st, 2022
Developer Luminawesome Games Ltd
Publisher Wired Productions
Rated PEGI 3

Oh, always down for a good puzzle game! Will put it on my list.