Xbox Store Weekly Sales |OT| - I'll Wait For Gamepass


The Xbox Store weekly sales go live every Tuesday with discounts on select games for both Xbox & Windows 10 devices. Games with Gold members receive deeper discounts and exclusive offers.


Navigating both the Xbox and Windows 10 store when looking for discounts can be difficult at times. Below are sites that curate the weekly sales in the most convenient way.


Link to the official Microsoft Store:


Xbox Live weekly sales are now live. Discounts on Yakuza Like a Dragon, Devil May Cry Collection, Bioshock Collection, Call of Duty: Black Ops Cold War and much more:


Discounts for Devil May Cry 5 and NBA 2K21, but only for the last-gen versions…

Discount for the Gold Edition of Immortals, but not for the Season Pass…



This weeks sales are now live. Discounts on Bayonetta, Crysis Remastered, Marvel’s Avengers and more


Highly recommend Valkyria Chronicles 4 at that price ($11.99).

I’ll take the thread title for this week!

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Especially Crysis Remastered and Need for Speed Remastered :stuck_out_tongue:

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Maybe I’ll finally pick or Shining Resonance… since it’s only $7.99

This weeks sales are now live. Sales for various Assassin’s Creed games: Syndicate, Oddyssey, Valhalla as well as Dishonored 2, Jump King and The Falconeer

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This week is pretty meh. I should really catch up on Assassin’s Creed… but still catching up on so many other things. lol

Nice that there’s a big Assassin’s Creed sale, although I’ve already bought all the AC games I’ve wanted.

Xbox Game Pass is your friend!

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Has Portal 2 ever gone on sale? I swear it’s never happened. I might just pull the trigger at this rate.


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This weeks sales are now live. Big Ubsisoft sale on titles such as Far Cry series, For Honor, Rayman Legends, Tom Clancy’s The Division 2 and Immortals: Fenix Rising. Full list below.

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God damn been waiting for Prototype Remasters to go on sale since Xmas now :joy::skull: maybe next week

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All the Splinter Cell games on sale :drooling_face: I must buy them right before Ubisoft is added to gamepass :sob:


No, it’s never gone on sale: Buy Portal 2 - Xbox Store Checker

Eh… I’ll probably be passing this week (I’ll have to double check the indie titles on sale).

I guess it’s probably a good thing though, I spoiled myself with all of the Japanese games on sale last month (Dark Souls, Kingdom Hearts, Valkyrie Chronicles, Dragon Quest).

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That’s insane. Doesn’t Valve usually put it’s games on Steam on sale quite often? Sometimes it feels like they’ve forgotten that they’ve released their games on other platforms.

Wow, this question is apropos for me. I completed and sold the game years ago, but now my kids have played Portal and want to try Portal 2 and oops, I don’t own it! The perils of selling your discs.

Can’t believe it’s never been on sale. Maybe I’ll just pick it up at full price too.