Xbox Series X/S wishlist

The new Xbox Consoles are great! I’m having a blast playing through new and old updated titles. Everything is blazing fast and the hardware itself is beautiful.

But of course there is alwaxs room for improvement and because we know Xbox is always listening (I think the Boss himself is on this forum) I think it’s a good idea to gather your most wanted lists as you represent the hardcore interest group here. So please go ahead and post what you wish for the most.

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I want a 4k UI, browsing through the menus is fast and smooth but it all looks a touch soft and a 4k ui would look beautiful on my tv and would be fitting for this machine.

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Elite 3 controller soonish rather than later with the improvements from SX controller (and no self destruction features like 2).

Make the Xbox accessories more useful by making it as powerful as steam input. Allowing full customization.

With the above + mouse and keyboard support: make Xbox execute any game available on win store. Even win32 games (looking at you Age of Empires)


For Series S i want developers/Microsoft to unlock the framerate for backwards compatible games that can already run 60fps on One X. Dragon Quest 11 runs at a higher framerate on Xbox One x compared to Series S. Not because its more powerful but because Series S runs One S versions of Xbox One games.


That is on my wish list too. User serviceable battery is a must. It’s why I’m still with my Elite V1.

I want more backward compatible games, an achievement page for completed game like on the 360 and the option to enable Auto-HDR on a game by game basis. Nothing tooo fancy, so please Phil: make it so!


I also want an option to install the game on an external hard drive first. I can’t seem to find that option so either I’m stupid or it doesn’t exist.

You should be able to set that up. Take a look under storage options in settings there should be a “install new things here” or something to that effect option. There was on Xbox One and I doubt it’s changed.

Live themes for big games! Or the ability to make Gameplay clips into live themes with the editor tools. Let me get a cool panoramic game clip, slow it down 50% and make it a dash theme.

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Yeah, I love the dynamic menu of halo mcc, they changed that every few monrh with a new release on pc. But all versions looked great. I wish we could choose from these main menu themes as dynamic backgrounds for the UI

I’m optimistic they’ll lean into it. I always loved it when devs put a lot of effort into making the Achievement art good. I often used my favourites as backgrounds. Was always disappointed when they didn’t bother and there was no associated art.


Dynamic themes!

After dabbling in FH4 a couple years ago I’m now hooked, its awesome! Can Phil please get Playground to make some sort of GTA/ Forza fusion using the forza tech engine? Thanks in advance!

Please update the Edge browser app. Still bad and buggy as before.


What I really like to see would be for MS to push out a demo Of Halo Infinite. I think if more people actually got to play it, it might not get half the flack it did. It didn’t look that bad and the team nailed, the look, music, gameplay of Halo and people need to experience that

Instead of hiding it get a demo out of the game and reduce the damage and get the hype really going again

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Okay, so I might get a bit of hated for this one.

I hope XB copy the in-game help thing PS5 does. I would barely use it, but I feel it’s an amazing feature for children and people who aren’t so good at games.

My friend was telling me about a proposed PS5 function (don’t know if it actually has it) where you can watch your friend playing picture-in-picture while you’re also playing. Granted load times now mean you’re not sat idle very often, but I’d gladly pause my game for a few seconds for him to show me some awesome goal, or boss fight

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