Xbox Series S will not support Xbox One X backward compatibility enhancements - confirmed by Microsoft

I think most first party titles will get Series specific patches (Rip Sunset tho). I cant imagine FH4 being less than 60 on the XSS.

Absolutely no racer can (and should) be less than 60fps tbh

The reason is that the One X was always targeting 4K and all specs were set to support that purpose. GPU is just one contributor to this, there are amount of memory and memory bandwidth too. The memory and the bandwidth of the Series X is much lower than the One X. Combine those spec differences and you know why it is how it is.

A summary:

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It isn’t designed for 4k so this makes perfect sense to me.

This makes total sense and I’ve been expecting this news from the beginning. Games with variable frame rates or dynamic resolutions should hit the target resolutions more often, if not 100% now though. Really, anyone that wants high resolutions will get the Series X.

Bingo, well said and was basically going to repeat the same thing.