Xbox Series S OFFICIALLY CONFIRMED, $299, £249. 512 GB NVME SSD, 60% Smaller than XSX, 1440p up to 120 FPS, Ray-Tracing, All Digital and More


The way to think of it is that the transition is: X1S–>XSS and X1X–>XSX.

So XSS plays X1S games with BC+ (added features for BC like higher fps and better texture filtering and faster load times and auto-HDR). Games using dynamic res will see their output at the ceiling of 1080p most likely. They won’t get 4k textures since the 1080p TV won’t resolve those for added detail anyhow. The stuff ppl are wanting (4k textures) are things they literally could not notice on the screen anyhow.

On XSX, you are playing the X1X version of the game in BC+ mode, complete with 4k textures, 4k render target for the 4k TV screen, and the same kinda stuff added for XSS (better texture filtering, load times, framerates, etc).

The question IS NOT ‘which gives me the optimal setup for games’; the question IS ‘what TV to I wanna game on and which console is designed for that’.

Note: For next gen games, devs will just make an XSX version at 4k and cut res to 1080p for the XSS version and use lower res textures.

BIG PICTURE: The end result in BOTH CASES (for next gen as well as BC) is you will be able to see no visual difference really at all between XSX running a game on a 1080p screen and XSS running the same game on a 1080p screen. The loss in details from XSX won’t be resolvable with only a quarter as many pixels. The XSS next gen games will look far beyond any current gen games graphically, just at 1080p.

What did the IW person say? And I know for sure some of the devs complaining don’t have dev kits nor experience working with XSX/XSS at all. So there’s that.

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It’s quite strange how they complain when they don’t have dev kits, and its always like clockwork.

Thank you .i appreciate your insight to help me better understand how it all works! :slight_smile: and while i was away, MS confirmed it as well:

“Xbox Series S was designed to be the most affordable next generation console and play next generation games at 1440P at 60fps. To deliver the highest quality backwards compatible experience consistent with the developer’s original intent, the Xbox Series S runs the Xbox One S version of backward compatible games while applying improved texture filtering, higher and more consistent frame rates, faster load times and Auto HDR.”

This is the tweet and we have a thread about this now too here

It is logical that it won’t have 4k enhancements that’s all. What people expect? It is a 1440p console with upscale.

They always try to twist every bit of info as negative so what about PS5 BC? Does it have auto hdr too? How games are enhanced? Let’s compare then

See “taste your own medicine”

Sorry, you’re shooting the messager. I just posted the confirmation by MS. :innocent:

It was expected, but some folks here were asking questions. Now we have an official statement. I was just proactive.

No it was not at all directed at you don’t worry. Apologies if you thought so. Was generally speaking

Yeah, exactly. This is why it was weird seeing people like Alanah Pearce talk about how she doesn’t get why people are so concerned with wanting to know price, and all that matters to her were the games. Easy to say when people in her position, not specifically her get exclusive access to games, companies send you early copies, gaming chairs and shit. Then she goes ahead and says “I’ll be getting both consoles anyway”. There lies the contention lol, a lot of people won’t be able to afford that kinda thing at once, in fact that’s kinda half the reason why console wars even exist in the first place, so for a game’s journalist or whatever adjacent position you have in the games industry already, you won’t see these prices the same way a normal gamer would. This is why I like ACG the game reviewer, he buys every single game he reviews and bases his reviews around whether or not the game is worthy of the asking price, should you wait for sale or not buy it at all.

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Oh, ok. Yeah, that’s par for the course.

Everything Xbox does is under scrutiny. We are two months from launch, tension is rising. Some folks will do everything they could to bash the other plastic box…Especially when they are hungry !

Personnaly, I don’t care. MS is in a really really good spot right now. They made a couple mistakes here and there, but they are now set for launch. Even some exclusivity deals could not undermine what they have.

So, what I mean is : don’t let them get to you. :wink:


Oh don’t worry thanks. Indeed always whatever Xbox do it is criticized as hell. Always trying to find a way. Just wait and see if they apply the same energy to the competition.

Yep they made some missteps but overall MS is in a really good position right now compared to 2013. They just need to have a constant flow of extremely high quality games to shut down all these concerns

Yeah. I was there day one in 2013. It was ugly. I was about to jump ship, but the launch lineup was too good and I could not have missed Halo and Gears. It is really impressive what they have done since then.

But the concerns ? It will continue well into the next gen. I thought the concerns would have died down with the Xbox One x, but they didn’t. The goalposts have legs now, they move fast !

So it’s important to have fun with it. Look at Xbox on twitter, they don’t take themselves seriously and it work. Phil Spencer killed the Craig meme ! And they masterfully took a massive leak and run with it. It was glorious !

Now, PS5 could have the best lineup, but MS beat them on power and price. That’s the most important factors for casuals and families.


Well said!

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Yeah but that’s a level designer, not a tech guru per se. And frankly devs who are pushing 120fps and huge open levels and tons of players and 4k and RT like CoD supposedly it should have plenty of room in their engine to tweak settings to work fine on XSS.

What you say is true, the most important factor for casuals and families are power and price. The saddest part is the warriors realize the price/power factor is very attractive and they want to diminish the value of 299.


I can predict next piece of article to come soon… “Kotaku: The PS5 is big. But here’s why that’s a good thing”


Because we can use it as a heater in the winter??? LOL.


LOL :rofl:

maaan, they fell off a long time ago for me, but the super aggressive hot takes by them make me feel disgusted. they are like the fox news of gaming to me now.


You may kid, but just a few years ago in our old house my wife did exactly this with the PS3. She used it exclusively for Netflix while it heated the bedroom!