Xbox Series S is not quite selling how MS thought it would

Judge it after this December. It’s made for the holiday season.

Phil Spencer said himself that around launch they expected the X to be the one in demand and not the S. But still its not easy to buy a Series S either - though clear the demand for it is not as high as the X. But its what you’d expect.

This thread is a little unnecessary since we won’t find out how the Series S performs really until a few years into the generation. I think also that as a Series S and X owner the S is definitely not cutting corners in a way that its target market will even notice, less care about. I do think the major issue with it is storage space but over time the expansion cards should in theory reduce in price.

The S fills a gap in the market - you know all those gamers who only buy a switch or mainly use one - because they don’t care about 4K gaming on a big TV - but do like playing games - the S fills a market. Or parents buying consoles for kids bedrooms. I don’t know where you live but in the UK the X would look stupid (and be too expensive) for parents buying for their kids’ boxrooms etc…

Oh, its your opinion, pretty disingenuous thread title when MS have not really said much about seriesS sales.

Phil never expected it to sell a lot now.

Series S will show it’s potential when:

Gold lets you play F2P, for free. (Already achieved)

Big AAAs drop day and date. (Including F2P games, like Halo Infinite.)

Gamepass grows in scope and games.

XVA and DirectML Super Res are used to make games run even better.

Gold goes entirely free.

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This right here is the most likely answer to why the hype isn’t behind the weaker of the two boxes. Early adopters have shown they’ll pay the premium for the premium box and even at ridiculous value won’t consider the weaker option.

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Not really a fan that the OP cant post some untrue bullshit like this and then doesn’t even reply to anyone. Then moves on and does the same thing on another topic.


I always did prefer horse manure to bull shit for in my garden. (I don’t have a garden :’( ).

Some mod just close this thread.

Closing the thread due to clickbait incitement without any evidence to back up the claim for the thread’s creation. Even if there were data presented, the conclusion drawn is still a false one due to the fact that early adopters are primarily hardcore gamers (read: the Series X target).